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  Ontario, Canada

Occupation: business owner
Interests: woodworking off road cycling canoeing
CALLSIGN: tailsitter


About tailsitter
I have been building models regularly for thirty-five years and do my best to keep a somewhat solitary hobby social. In that respect I am the president of a small modeling club, Basement Model Works in Kitchener Ontario Canada and we meet weekly (over a pint of stout ale) to argue about politics and occasionally put glue to styrene. We make it a point to attend as many of our local model shows as possible, about eight per year to stay in contact with our friends in this hobby, and all our club members have enjoyed judging contests up to the regional level. For years I thought I would be constructing only aircraft and armour kits (hence my obscenely large kitstash) however after seeing some magnificent ship, real space,and auto at shows, have taken the opportunity to expand my plastic portfolio. I always however return to my prime interest modeling the stringbags of WW1 and the 30's. I particularly enjoy building the older airfix and matchbox kits of my youth right out of the box. Plastic modeling aside I still find time to play with my new grandson and cherish the experience immensely. I also have developed the home renovation skills required to keep a 100 year old Victorian house habitable (mainly due to the fact that I'm way too cheap to pay a contractor to do it for me). Thank goodness this hobby is still economical. If you want it to be..........

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