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  New York, United States

Occupation: Army Officer
CALLSIGN: Vermont6


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Best of British Campaign Ribbon:
Big Cats Award: When finishing the Big Cats Campaign you will get this  ribbon to decorate your profile page.
Father and Son:
HT Ribbon: This ribbon is awarded to all those valiant modelers who have completed a halftrack for the Tracking Halfway: Halftracks! Campaign.
Imciming II: Big Guns: For those who know bigger is better and proved it. The Big Guns Ribbon is for you. Wear it proudly!
Of Wheels and Tracks Award:
Self Propelled Indirect Fire Campaign Ribbon: This ribbon denotes the successful completion of model for the Self Propelled Indirect Fire Campaign.
Shermans Campaign Award: This award signifies this person completed the Shermans Campaign
The Desert Fever Ribbon: This award signifies that the participant had joined and successfully completed the campaign Desert Fever with at least a single entry.
Wheels Participant Award: This award signifies participation in the Wheels and Tires Campaign
WWII Experimentals: