Stockholm, Sweden

Occupation: Purchase, Logistics-Manager
Interests: History, Karate, Fencing, Veteran Cars.


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I Can't Feel My Legs Award: I Can't Feel My Legs! - Award given to those who succesfully painted the bust in Bust Painting II Campaign
Marble Bust Award: Marble Bust award is given for completing at least one bust for From The Waist Up Campaign
Operation Incoming: This ribbon signifies that bearer has completed the Incoming Campaign with honor and distinction.
Over The Top award ribbon: Award blue black white and gold bands
Pre-1900 Figure Campaign: This campaign was for figure subjects dating prior to 1900 and had two categories, 54mm and large scale (anything larger).
Swedish steel ribbon: Awarded to a builder that has completed it's task in time and uploaded image(s) to the Swedish Steel campaign gallery.