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  England - East Anglia, United Kingdom

Interests: Scale Model Building


About Savage
Took an 18 year absence from scale modelling, quite a bit has changed (for the better, that is). I enjoy building Armoured vehicles, gee what a surprise? As I always support the underdog in business, I am hoping that the ‘new comers’ to scale modelling production, Trumpeter, Ace, Maquette, Mirage etc… will give the ‘big guys’ a run for their money. Who knows? Well that seems to be all!

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My Awards

Age of Aces Award: This award signifies the user finished the Age of Aces campaign.
Around the World: Award for completion of the 2004 Armorama science fiction group build.
Build A Tool: Award for those who completed the Build a tool campaign.
Cold War Campaign: This user has completed the Cold War Campaign. A group build devoted to the armor vehicles built during this time-period.
Land of the Rising Sun Award: This award signifies this person completed the Aeroscale
Miniature Magic Ribbon: Awarded for the successful completion of the Miniature Magic Mission!
Operation Barbarosa: This award signifies this member completed the Operation Barbarosa armor campaign.
Operation Incoming: This ribbon signifies that bearer has completed the Incoming Campaign with honor and distinction.
Quiet Professionals: This award signifies this person has completed The OPERATION QUIET PROFESSIONALS campaign
Shermans Campaign Award: This award signifies this person completed the Shermans Campaign
Show you Teeth Award: This award signifies this person completed the
SiyaAfrika Award: This award signifies that this person has successfully completed the SiyaAfrika campaign. This colourful ribbon signifies the diversity that is found on the mother continent, Africa.
Welcome to the Nam Campaign Ribbon: This award signifies that this person sucessfully completed the Welcome to the Nam campaign.
[url=http://gallery.kitmaker.net/showphoto.php/photo/306400][img: ribbon for Build a tool II