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  Minnesota, United States

Occupation: Communications Specialist for an NSF Engineering Research Center at the University of Minnesota
CALLSIGN: ProfessorP


About ProfessorP
Like most, I started building armor models at a very young age. Our family was living in Jakarta, Indonesia at the time and I remember walking into an open air market stall filled with wonderful Tamiya model kits! I was soon hooked and built several while overseas and more once returning to the States. Monogram armor models provided me some exposure to Shep Paine's dioramas and another door was opened for me. Several years later I picked up Shep's first edition of "How to Build Dioramas" which was really a turning point in how I began to think about modeling and figure painting. Once I left for college, I had to downsize so I focused my efforts on painting figures, mostly 25mm gaming figures. This turned out to be more than a temporary event however and I ended up building armies and battlescenes and converting and painting hundreds of Games Workshop Warhammer figures over the next 18 years. When my daughter was born, I took a hiatus from miniatures for a couple of years and during that time, rediscovered historical figures and armor models. I reconnected with my pals from the local figure society and began frequenting the model store again. I picked up a copy of SMMI magazine and saw a brief article on the 761st Tank Battalion, and I knew I had my first armor project! Learning more about the 761st has inspired me to not only return to modeling but to connect with the modeling community worldwide via Armorama. This is a terrific online community with a broad knowledge base and some top notch modellers. I am really proud to be able to say I am part of this group!

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