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  Washington, United States

Occupation: Shop Lead
Interests: Anime Racing Internet Golf
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About Plethman
Hi folks, I'm on my third attempt at building models. I started building models when I was 10. I'm a Navy brat, so we moved around a lot. I got a subscription to Boys Life magazine and in the magazine there was an ad to become a member of the "Model of the Month" club, so I became a member. I built everything from the Luner Lander to the PT 109. You would never know what kind of model would show up. As you might expect I learned as I went along and I shudder to to think about how some of the models I built came out. I had no one to clue me in and I had hardly seen what a proper model should look like. I kept building models until my late teens. I read a book on special effects models used for movies and I built a bunch of space ships from all the leftover parts and part trees I had saved. I built a decent version of the Star Trek Galileo I had my wild years then I got a good job and got on with life. In my late 20's I had a friend that got me back into models and we built a bunch of models together. I liked building the models and my friend liked painting them. We had very little money and made do with what we had. I used to use a sharpened toothpick instead of a 00 paint brush. We built some decent models and I learned a lot. But I still had not grasped the true essence of the modeling craft. Then I got a dirtbikes and went racing. I raced dirtbikes for several years then I got a back injury at work. I got into R/C car racing. Over the years I went from 1/10 scale electric to 4wd 1/8 nitro gas cars. I had to change jobs and I got into the medical device industry. I then got into go-kart racing. I did that for a few years. I got into the internet and other Hi-tech stuff because of work I worked my way up to engineering assent and I learned rudimentary machining and other fabrication skills. During this time I acquired a lot of exotic materials, tools and stuff. After 15 years I lost that job and started a new career. One of my many interests is Japan. I got into anime and Japanese dramas from the internet. I kind of got back into models when I built a few Bandai Gundam type models. I went to an Anime convention and I bought a small model of Starblazer's Yamato. (4" long). I had fun building it and I wanted more. Next year I when I went to the anime convention I bought a 1/700 scale Starblazer's Yamato. I had a great time building it. I did some research for details and read up on the original Yamato and bought a waterline series 1/700 scale. I got on the internet and found a video of the 1/350 scale Yamato model. and while I was messing around you-tube I found Sleepylafiel's profile videos. He has posted videos of a TV show in Japan that show how they do model building. I watched all the videos, some twice and It got me fired up to take on model building the proper way. I searched the internet and found a bunch of other videos and re-educated myself on some of the latest techniques. Because I have a tendency to jump right in, I make a lot of mistakes. I've found that you learn more from mistakes than from successes. So I'm now on my third go around of model building and I'm having a great time. I decided to try a lot of different types of models to find what kind I like to do best. I'm also trying to find the manufacturers that make the best models. This a list of what I'm working on or have finished. M1A1 Abrams M1A2 SEP 71 Duster 340 89 Mr2 Supercharged M60 Blazer M4A3 Sherman Weird-doh's Leaky Boat Louie US 1st Cav. figure set USS Buchanan M151A1 jeeps Academy and Tamiya 1/24 Willy's MB Jeep 1/35 Uh-1N Gunship Dukw USS Lionfish U-99 U-boat Panther G Ford Lotus P-38

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