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  Florida, United States

CALLSIGN: Asmenoth


About Asmenoth
I have lived in Orlando most of my life (besides a brief stint in Tampa, where I was born, and Cleveland, OH where I was moved to at 1year old because of Dad's job). I have now moved to St Cloud, Minnesota. I have been building models, in some form or another, since I was 6 or 7 years old (I remember Dad buying me an old Roco tank at Colonial Photo & Hobby. My first model, even though it was mostly together) and havn't stopped for 28 years. I mostly build WWII German armor and WRC Cars (1/43-1/24). Though I will build an occasional modern armor kit or airplane kit if it catches my eye. I also paint Games Workshop miniatures (don't play really, but if it looks cool...I'll buy it. I have alot of miniatures because of that) and have recently started building Andrea's miniatures.

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Armorama 500 Award Ribbon: This award ribbon signifies this driver passed the Armorama 500 finish line on time.
Meow Campaign: Iron cross 2nd class ribbon with a black cat on the center red section
Miniature Magic Ribbon: Awarded for the successful completion of the Miniature Magic Mission!