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Macchi C.200
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by: Rowan Baylis [ MERLIN ]

The (Aeronautica) Macchi C.200 was the best of Italy's fighters at the start of WW2. It served in North Africa, the Mediterranean and Russia, and was superbly maneuverable. Its 'Achilles Heel' was its light armament compared to its Allied opponents. Early production aircraft were built with a full clear-view canopy, but this proved so unpopular with Italy's pilots, that later models were modified to feature an open cockpit.

Pacific Coast Models' kit combines the talents of several manufacturers-MPM produces the main parts, Eduard supplies the photo-etched details and Cartograf prints the decals.

The instructions are printed on high quality paper and are clearly illustrated, although, areas like the complex wheel-well/engine accessory compartment need careful scrutiny.

Basic Components
The basic components are nicely molded, and are typical of most modern short-run Eastern European kits. There is a little flash to clean off some of the smaller components and some ejector-pin marks to remove. There is a little sinkage on some parts e.g the propeller hub and wheels, but these are replaced by superior resin components anyway. The surface shows very nice scribing and subtle depiction of the fabric control surfaces.

The canopy provided is a vacuform (with a spare) and should look fine after dipping in Klear/Future*.

*Editors Note: Here's a link to a fine article on dipping canopies in Klear/Future:
The Future Is Klear by Mal Mayfield (Holdfast)

Detail Parts
A comprehensive set of resin details is provided. The engine is almost a kit in itself, and features separate cylinders and a complex engine-bearer assembly which should look great when completed (some extra details such as an oil tank can still be added by the builder). The cowling is a beautiful one-piece casting which obviates the task of filling any seams.

The cockpit is finely detailed, but the seat is cast with moulded-in shoulder harness, but no lap-belts - which I think were fitted to the original.

As mentioned above, a resin replacement is provided for the propeller and main wheels.

A set of etched parts replaces both plastic and some resin components. For instance a choice of etched or resin instrument panels is given. Some items, such as the pitot tubes will be better scratch-built.

Decals & Conclusion
Marking are provided for 6 aircraft. The decals are beautifully printed and in perfect register. Some of the paint schemes are really spectacular and will provide a real challenge to airbrush with their 3-tone mottle.

This is a really nice kit, which shouldn't present any problem to builders used to short-run models. With the well produced parts and attractive colour schemes, Pacific Coast Models deserves praise for producing a kit of a long neglected aircraft.

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Pacific Coast Models have combined the talents of some of the best semi-short run kit, accessories and decal producers to bring us an excellent 1:48 Macchi C.200.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: PCM48001
  Suggested Retail: $38.95
  Related Link: Pacific Coast Models
  PUBLISHED: Nov 30, 2003

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