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Against The Clock!

With my first project back in modelling taking 300+hrs, and my second still unfinished and approaching twice that, I needed a project to re-invigorate my enthusiasm, and remind me why I started modelling again in the first place! To this end I ordered Dragons re-issued 1:35 Jagdtiger, and decided to do something a little different. This is not a review of the kit, suffice to say its a very good one, with new PE, a metal barrel of the correct length, wire tow ropes etc. The only gripe I had was that the new metal tow shackles are far too narrow to fit, and I had to grind a lot of plastic away in these areas to make them fit.

the build
I wanted to see how fast I could build and paint the model and still achieve a result I could be proud of. In doing this I needed to strip the whole process to its barest minimum.
I set myself some rules:
  • No research
  • No AM parts other than bits from the spares box that were already completed
  • I would record the amount of time taken each time I physically worked on the model. Time spent looking at it and thinking about it would not be included.

    My plan of action would be as follows:
  • Planning and familiarisation
  • Wheels
  • Hull
  • PE
  • Assembling and painting of individual items such as the MG42, periscopes, pioneer tools etc.
  • Tracks
  • Painting
  • Weathering
  • Photography/Editing

  • I cleaned my modelling area of everything not related to the project, and prepped everything I would need in the way of paints, glues, tools, pigments etc. I was quite surprised about how excited I was at this point I felt like 12 year old with his first model!

    Planning and familiarisation
    I took all the sprues from the box and laid them out in my modelling area so that each was at hand and viewable. I then sat for several hours and referenced each section of the instructions to the correct sprue. I planned the required cleanup (pin marks on the inside of tracks leave em!, mould seam can be covered by mud no problem!). I spent a lot of time planning the Magic Tracks as I had never used them before - going through this process in my head first proved an invaluable time saver. A second major brainwave was to keep the upper and lower hull separate until they had both been painted and weathered (the barrel was fitted last). In this way tracks can be fitted and weathered without interference from the side skirts.

    About the Author

    About Brian Steven Balkwill (dsotm)

    Spent time in specialised sales to militay, non-destructive testing, risk engineering, engineering underwriting surveys on mines and mineral processing plants. Modelling from Airfix days, I took a 25yr break and came back to the hobby 18month ago. Currently working on a Sturmtiger with fully detaile...


    Doh! Well spotted on the handle - I'll fix that. Not sure about the barrel though. The new metal barrel in the premium kit is supposed to have been corrected
    MAY 28, 2006 - 11:42 AM
    Doh! Well spotted on the handle - I'll fix that. Not sure about the barrel though. The new metal barrel in the premium kit is supposed to have been corrected[/quote] Hi Brian, There is actually nothing wrong with the barrel length per se -- it just lacks 3-4 mm in the tapered area. BTW, its the same length as the platic barrel with other Jagdtigers. The problem with DML is that they measured the barrel in a recoiled position...meaning its is 3-4mm in the saukof. It could be corrected w/out actually damaging the kit...see here if you are interested... Jagdtiger barrel Considering that you've got a very beautiful build, I think the barrel lenght would not matter anymore...can just be used as reference incase you want to build another Jagdtiger in the future... Cheers
    MAY 29, 2006 - 07:46 AM
    Brian your build is Beautiful and in the end does it really mater if the barrell is 3-4mm too short? You enjoyed it and turned out a great kit. NUFF SAID & ALL THAT REALLY MATTERS.
    MAY 29, 2006 - 07:57 AM
    Hi Arvin I went with FRank De Sistos and Terry Ashleys reviews of this kit where they say that the barrel length has been corrected. I just assumed he was right and did not measure it myself. Perhaps dragon have changed the mounting for the barrel so that it extends a bit further? It does seem odd that Dragon did not correct it for this kit. But you are right, it does not really matter to me as I'm happy with the final build, and this was not a research based project. Next time I will be more careful Brian
    MAY 29, 2006 - 12:28 PM
    Nice job! Fast too! I have a question, is the Gunze Iron the Burnt Iron H76? Did you undercoat this besides the red oxide? Cheers
    MAY 29, 2006 - 10:30 PM
    Thanks John - appreciate the praise. The Mr Hobby Metal colours are a range of 9 metallic paints that can be polished after application. They are not Gunze colours but a separate range made by Gunze - hope this helps
    MAY 29, 2006 - 11:04 PM
    I'll have to do that since MDC doesn't deliver over here
    MAY 29, 2006 - 11:42 PM
    Thanks Brian. Is the system similar to the Alcad polishable paints? IE you have to base coat them in gloss black to work?
    MAY 30, 2006 - 04:50 PM
    Nope: Shake bottle Apply paint Poilsh after 2 min - varying the pressure and amount of time that you polish will vary the intensity of the metallic look Job done The nice thing about the Iron colour is that you can make it look like various metal types, from gunmetal to steel, depending on how you polish it.
    MAY 30, 2006 - 06:46 PM
    hi Brian, nice job..... clean and realistic!! Tom
    JUN 01, 2006 - 02:41 PM