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Pershing Korean Tiger!

Painting and Weathering

The big thing was the tiger face. I had a copy of the Fine Scale Modeler article, so I followed the author’s advice. After first painting the kit a nice, flat Testors OD green (my choice of base for all US tanks) I masked off the portions I did not want to paint and air-brushed on two coats of acrylic white as a base. I had found the perfect yellow at a local hobby shop and after some thinning air-brushed that on over the white, putting on 2 thin coats. To my surprise it came out looking like it should, a sort of faded, to scale color. I then painted over all a coats of Testor Clear Flat and let it dry overnight.

Now the tough part started. I had to decide whether I would use the decals. After some soul searching I decided that I would try to hand-paint the face, except for the eyes. First I removed all of the masking and cleaned things up. Using a silver pencil I then outlined where I wanted the stripes. Next I got out my Games Workshop Chaos Black, a very thick, good covering flat paint with a nice consistency and picked out a good brush. After taking a deep breath I began painting the stripes. It worked better than I could have hoped and soon I had my stripes, shaking hands and all.

I let those dry and touched things up a little, including some overspray and leakage under the masking. The mouth was next. I painted it all, knowing that the tool mount would cover part of it, as this allowed me to get the proper proportions. Using the decal as a guide and visual pattern I painted the white outline, then the red, then the teeth. The claws on the fenders were next. I used Bone White of the same brand as the black. It covers very well and dries quickly and thoroughly. After letting all of it dry I used a very thin brush and did the black outlines and a little more touching up.

Letting it dry I put the tool bracket on and painted that. More touchup and it was pretty much done. I had neglected to weather the muffler the way it should have been so that was next, using a combination of Testors Jet Exhaust and an old tin of Humbrol Rust I made them look over-heated and corroded. I painted the headlights and taillights next, the center hubs of the road wheels and a little silver on the ends of the tracks.

Minimica antennas filled it out. I may do more weathering and put some tarps and boxes on the beast, but the tank is as done as it ever will be. I even have a base made for it and intend to mount it for posterity. It was a fun kit, requiring all of my meager modeling skills and planning. I recommend it to anyone wanting a modeling and artistic challenge. With the new Tamiya kit out, which I have not seen, we should be seeing lots more of this uniquely painted Korean Tiger.

Copyright ©2002 - Text and Photos by Lance Mertz (2-2dragoon). All Rights Reserved.

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About Lance Mertz (2-2dragoon)

Former Army Reserve Major. Served in the 2nd ACR 1978-80.


Lance, that's a good job on the article and kit. You say you agonized all night over doing that paint job-good on you for even trying it. I'm not even sure I'd attempt an intricate paint job like that. Keep up the good work.
AUG 05, 2002 - 09:30 PM
Lance, Outstanding work. You have a study hand Buddy. I looked at that article and did a bit of aginizing myself. Then moved on to something else. Thanks for sharing your work. You're a braver man than I am...
AUG 05, 2002 - 10:12 PM
Lance-nice work. You have a steadier hand than this man. DJ
AUG 06, 2002 - 06:37 AM