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Photo Story: World Expo 2005

World Expo was first held in Washington in 1993. Since then it has been held in Paris, Glasgow, Toronto and Rome. This year, it came to Boston. The event ran 7 days with the exposition taking place on the weekend. The rest of the time is taken up with seminars and day trips. Among those presenting seminars were the famed military artist, Don Troianni and the Godfather of dioramas, Shep Paine. Side trips included the USS Massachusetts and the Higgins Armoury Museum.

It was held at the Park Plaza castle, a former National Guard armory and home to one of the oldest units of the US Army.

This year, many of the best figure artists from 24 countries entered well over a thousand figures, displays, vignettes, dioramas and a spattering of armor and aircraft, spanning history, from Neolithic to Neil Armstrong.

One of the highlights of the event was the awarding of World Masters to six of the most outstanding artists in the hobby: They were Mike Blank (Sweden), Christian Petit (France), Ron Tunison (USA),Rodrigo HernŠndez Chacon (Spain), Philippe Gengembre (France), and Doug Cohen (USA).

Quite a few of our guys were there, including Toke, Easyoff, Tango Charlie, Johnnyboy, and John Mcenney (of Military Miniatures Warehouse who took a good deal of my money!) with whom I spent some time, as well as Chris Mrosko and others I didnít get a chance to meet. My personal highlilght was meeting and talking with Christian Petit whose stunning Native American dioramas have been an inspiration for my own work in that vein.

As to the quality of the work, Iíll let the photos tell that story.

Editors Note: These are a few selected works. The entire gallery that Al shot can be found here.

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