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Schnelle Gruppe Knittel

This Schwimmwagen belonging to 3.Kompanie (Panzer-Aufklärungs-Abteilung 1) stopped in front of the signpost at Kaiserbarracke 18 Dec. 1944 Belgium. This reconnaissance patrol is the spearhead of Schnelle Gruppe Knittel on the southern route of the German counter-attack in the Ardennes. The famous photo was in fact a staged picture, as the Kriegsberichter had persuaded these NCO´s to pose for a shot which would be captioned ´checking a map well inside territory formerly held by the enemy´!

The NCO holding map is Corporal Ochsner, the standing platoon leader is Staff Sergeant Persin and the driver is a Senior Lance Corporal. Immediately before taking the photo the Kriegsberichter had proceeded to straighten the signpost, using a Mauser 98K rifle to counter-balance the half dismantled Malmédy sign. There is a Panzerfaust stored behind the driver in case of encounter with heavier enemy.

The diorama
1/35 Scale. Manufacturer and kit: ITALERI: Jerry Cans. JAGUAR: German Officers Ardennes. TAMIYA: Schwimmwagen 166, Photographer and bird (German Tank Crew at Rest) German Infantry Weapons Set. VERLINDEN: German Officer, Road Signs, Barbed Wire.
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