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20th Waffen SS, Narva 1944 - Prey


When I saw this vignette, I immediately knew it would make a great feature for Historicus Forma. I contacted Johan Fohlin, the author of this masterpiece, to see if he would be willing to share the pictures of his work with HF readers. At first, I thought of making a short “on-display” feature with pictures of the finished vignette. However, after a while I realized there is much more this vignette offers… So here it is: a full feature article with pictures Johan took during the construction and his explanation on how he modified and painted the figures, made the groundwork structures, and finally created the scene which won numerous awards on several modeling shows including Gold at EuroMilitaire 2011.

A big thank you to Johan for sharing his work with us!

Mario Matijasic, HF Associate Editor