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M8 Greyhound

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The Tamiya M8 Greyhound (TAM 35228)


I once built the Tamiya Greyhound years ago in my 20ís and possibly the old Monogram as well. After about forty years of experience and improved model building I reorganized and bought the Tamiya kit once again only this time as a serious builder.

Building and Painting

The kit has no interior as one can see but I did manage to detail the turret as much as possible with consideration given to the fact that I placed the kit figure inside the turret as the commander. Leaving off the .50cal machinegun ring helped to be able to see inside.

As with all of my models I used acrylic craft paints which work exceptionally well on styrene and match all military colors out of the bottle for the most part. Compared to pre-mix hobby paints I pay less than $1.00 for 4 ounces of the craft paint. Either airbrushed or hand painted these paints are great to use and clean up after. The painting of the M8 was no problem and weathering was done with thinned black paint and chalk for the muddy effect.

The Diorama

The diorama base is made from recycled rubber and other compounds and sold as pathway stepping stones at a garden center. Great news to fellow modelers this material stands up to water-based glues, paint and ground material of all sorts.

In conclusion...

The photos show the model in some detail as well as the diorama base. I would definitely build the sister model, the M20, to compliment the M8 but as closed-up kits go building the M8 is a pleasure.

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