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12th SS Hitlerjugend Normandy

When I started modeling, some 18 years ago, I built mainly armored fighting vehicles. After a while this wasn't enough and I wanted to "populate" my vehicles. Now my tanks didn't looked that great; but my figures were even worse and I felt it was needed that I improve on my figure painting skills. As I learning more about painting figures I really fell in love with this branch of the hobby and I now find that, although miles away from how I want them to look, my figures are better than my vehicles and I therefore stopped almost completely building tanks. It will be no surprise then to find out that I often paint a WW II subject and over the coming years I hope to present you quit some. The subject for this article is Warriors n 35350, entitled 12th SS Hitlerjugend Normandy. I choose this figure because both the facial features as the pose looked very convincing to me.


There are only 4 parts in this kit; being the head, the complete body with the left arm, the right arm and the panzerschrek. As with most castings of Warriors the figure is cast on a solid block of resin. I removed this using a small circular saw in my Dremel tool for the biggest part and a hobby knife and sandpaper to finish off. Unfortunately, it is also often the case that there's a lot of flash to remove on the inside of the legs, a place hard to reach. This was also the only place where I had to use filler. The casting block for the head is right on top of the helmet, why can't they have it at the bottom of the neck like so many other firms? Anyway, I removed this and carved some detail directly into the resin. The same was needed for the right arm, as the casting block here ran across the arm lengthwise. The panzerschrek itself was bent; it almost seemed like a weapon to shoot around corners with. I applied some heat with a hairdryer to straighten it back to a normal panzerschrek. I drilled a small hole in the bottom so I could stick a pin in and I would have something to hold it during painting. I really don't understand how a firm so long in the running hasn't learned to cast there figures in a modeler friendly way. Finally a piece of paperclip was glued in a predrilled hole in one of his feet and the figure was attached to a temporarily base.

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