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Nürnberg Toy Fair Report 2009

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The Czech manufacturer was present at the Toy Fair in a small but very busy stand. It looked like a small hobby shop in fact. Too bad nothing was on sale! However, M. Alfred Riedel kindly gave me some review samples for Aeroscale (the new Seafire, a resin Welkin and conversion sets for Tamiya vehicles, all in 1/48 scale) and I thank him for that. Since MPM also produce or distribute the kits of Azur, Special Hobby, HPH - HML (resin kits), Condor, Planet Models (resin kits) and CMK (details and accessories), you can imagine that there was plenty to see and that there are many new kits announced. Here's a non exhaustive list from the catalogue:
From MPM in 1/48 scale we can expect to see the He 177 again in the A-3 version and in captured markings. In the same scale there will be a Breda Ba 88B (48059), a Sea Vixen (48064) and a Bell AH-1G Huey Cobra (48061). In 1/72 scale a Breda Ba 88B as well (72538), a Hawker Fury (72533), a Gloster Meteor FR Mk.9 (72534), a A-29/PBO-1 Hudson (72541), a Sea Vixen (72545), a Lighttning F. Mk.3 (72547) etc...
From Special Hobby in 1/32 scale we can expect the He 100D soon (32009), a Fiat G.55 (32020), a Macchi MC.200 (32021), a Roland C.II Walfish (32024), a Nieuport Nie 11/16 "Lafayette" (32030) etc... in 1/48 scale I'm looking forward to see their Martin Maryland (48077), Bristol Beaufort Mk.VII (48048), Breda Ba 65 (48053), IMAM Ro-57 (48075), Fiat BR.20 (48068) and Airspeed Horsa (48083) etc... in 1/72 scale the Koolhoven FK-51 is about to be released (72175). A Ki-43-II Ko Hayabusa (72170), a D-558-2 Skyrocket "Jet&Rocket" (72180) and a Tempest Mk.II "IAF&RPAF" (722181) will also follow.
From Azur, the next 1/32 scale kit should be the Caudron C.714 (A061) and in 1/48 scale a series of Bloch MB 174s are announced (A078-A079). In 1/72 scale it is to note that Azur will do some more modern French subjects with a Vautour (A055-A056) and a Super Mystere (A070).
Planet Models (all resin kits) also have an interesting program to offer with the strange Arsenal-Delanne 10 in 1/72 scale (PLT207), a Junkers Ju 488 in 1/48 scale (PLT208) and a 1/32 scale Bell XP-77 (PLT212).
At MPM's stand, there was also a manufacturer, ArsenalM, who presented some 1/87 models and amongst them were some aircraft.

The 1/32 scale Ju 88 and the 1/48 scale Mosquito were of course present at the Revell stand. However, there were also other new releases on display. In 1/48 scale a F-117A Nighthawk (04699) and a reissue of the Ju52 in civil version (04558). In 1/32 scale we can expect a Piper Super Cub with floats (04698) and a Dornier Do 27 "Safari" (04745). Later this year Revell will bring out an 1/32 scale Duo Discus Glider (04266) and an Eurofighter Typhoon (04783) with full engine! In 1/72 scale the Lancaster will be reedited in the "Dam Buster" version (04295).

The visit to the Roden stand was very enjoyable thanks to the kindness of Olga and Vladimir Chumak. I also noticed that the popularity of Stephen Lawson (Jackflash) reached the Ukraine. Two new 1/32 kits of WWI engines were on display (Gnome monosoupape and Mercedes D.III) and they look great. It is possible to put them on a small frame an they come with some nice PE detail parts. An early shot of the new 1/48 Junkers D.I with long fuselage was present as well, so it should not be too long before it hits the shelves.
Other announcement were the following: in 1/32 scale a Siemens Schukert D.III and a De Havilland DH-2. In 1/48 scale a Bristol Fighter F.2b Mk IV, a De Havilland DH4a (Passenger), a De Havilland DH4 (USA), a Beechcraft UC-43 Traveller (nice!) and a Pilatus PC-6 Porter!

I very much enjoyed the Squadron stand as there were some very interesting things to see there. Mr. P. Newman kindly provided me with information about the products on display and I must thank him for his patience with me. To my eyes, the 1/32 scale F-80C Shooting Star was the highlight of the stand. The Czech Model kit seems to be one of the best efforts by this manufacturer and the early jets fans will be delighted for sure. For WWI enthusiasts, there was the new 1/32 Encore Models Albatros D.II "Boelcke" on display. Unlike the F-80C, the Albatros is already available at the Squadron online shop. Also available is the new 1/32 scale P-51A Mustang from Hobbycraft of which a built model was shown. In 1/48 scale, I was particularly happy to see that Czech Model are working on a Cessna Bobcat. This is very good news indeed.
Amongst more common stuff (decals) my eyes were also attracted by two reproduction of U.S. Air Force insignias that hang on one wall of the stand. On the photo it is hard to see but they are in fact very large.

"The Lancaster is back!" and that was the big news at the Tamiya stand. The reissue of the huge 1/48 scale kit comes with additional plastic parts and new decals. Despite being much smaller, the 1/48 scale Tilly truck also received its share of attention from the visitors. Finally there was also the F-16C/N in it's new "Aggressor/Adversary" boxing on display. All in all the aircraft program from Tamiya was a little bit disapointing this year but you can't always bring out a kits like the Storch or the Zero...
I would like to thank Mr. Michaux from T2M (French Tamiya Importer) for the Saturday lunch at the Tamiya stand. This gave me the opportunity to have a look behind the scenes which was very interesting. The Tamiya stand is almost like a boat anchored in the middle of hall 7. It has several cabins and a cafeteria. The only place I couldn't visit was the captain's headquarters.

The Chinese manufacturer likes it big! Not so much for it's stand as for the size of the kits on display. Most of them were 1/32 scale and the Swordfish was indeed impressive. Other big scale aircraft present at the Nürnberg were the F/A-18E Super Hornet and the Eurofighter EF-2000B Thyphoon. A look into Trumpeter's 2009-2010 catalogue will make you giddy: Intruders, Harriers, Flogger, Flanker, Frogfoot, Me 109 E-3 (!?) etc... it's mind blowing! In 1/48 scale the program is almost disappointing. However a F-100C Super Sabre should come soon.

Nothing really new at the Zvezda stand apart from the box art of their forthcoming La-5 and Bf 109 F2 in 1/48 scale. I would have preferred to see them "in flesh". In 1/72 scale a Junkers Ju-88 A4 is on the way...
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About Jean-Luc Formery (TedMamere)

I'm mainly interested in WW2 aircraft and I build them in 1/48 scale.


Hi Rowan, That is no wine, it's Apfelshorle! Oh! Oh! That is a sliperry slope! Jean-Luc
FEB 15, 2009 - 06:25 PM
You are both so mean Wojciech and I were discussion the historical relations of our two countries for half an hour or so and while we agree on most points we also have sights that will never fit. This was quite exhausting and then our nice friend J-L wanted to have a photo for his report. No wonder we both look rather strange..... greets Steffen
FEB 15, 2009 - 07:51 PM
Ahhh.. now we know. Aeroscale were obviously getting provided with pastries which Armorama WEREN'T getting Obviously, the bottles of vintage Champagne which were probably available for Aeroscale weren't photographed EITHER Sheer discrimination...
FEB 15, 2009 - 10:10 PM
Hi Steffen More proof (if needed) that Jean-Luc has a wicked sense of humour - I'll have to be careful if I'm ever lucky enough to meet up with him. All the best Rowan
FEB 15, 2009 - 10:13 PM
Hi Rowan He will bring you a nice bottle of heavy French wine and then he will refuse to help you killing it and then comes out the camera BTW J-L ... here is a short report from another person ... Mein erstes Mal... (German only) cheers Steffen
FEB 17, 2009 - 06:17 AM
Hi Steffen, This is the Russian* method. I saw the guys from ICM and Zvezda use it at the fair (not with me fortunately). Only that wine was replaced with whisky or vodka. Ja, ich habe es bereits gelesen. Sehr interessanter und frischer Text. Meine complimente an Volker's Frau. Jean-Luc * ICM aren't Russian but from Ukraine, but the method is very similar.
FEB 17, 2009 - 07:28 PM
Hi Jean-Luc and Steffen French. Russian... it sounds good to me! I'm always partial to a nice glass of Châteauneuf-du-Pape... All the best Rowan
FEB 17, 2009 - 07:38 PM
Great to see Tamiya have re-issued the Lanc. I have always wanted one but refuse to pay £100+ on evilbay. Any idea of a release date and/or cost? cheers Steve
FEB 20, 2009 - 11:48 PM
hi Steve announced for February at HLJ. so should be out soon. Price there 6400 Yen (~48 GBP / 53 Euro) ... multiply by 2 to get the Europe prices ... I know it is a little exaggerated, but thats why I try to buy Tamiya and Hasegawa in JP online shops .. even with p&p; import sales tax and customs you are usually still much better than buying locally al the best Steffen
FEB 21, 2009 - 12:21 AM
Thanks Steffen, will definitely keep an eye out for this. Thanks for the advise to buy from Japan too, they way the GB pound is at the moment I should save a packet.
FEB 21, 2009 - 12:03 PM