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Saracen Crossbowman 12. century

Saracen Crossbowman 12. century
Manufacturer : Elite Miniatures
Item Code : 5421
Size : 54 mm
Material : White metal
Painted in Acrylics by Serkan Dimli

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About the Author

About Serkan (serkand)


Sorry...but It looks painted by a child... (I don't know how old is Serkan) Tommaso
DEC 29, 2008 - 03:34 AM
Tom, I'm 30 years old. where is problem?(color,tones???)
DEC 29, 2008 - 04:28 AM
Don't be discouraged, I think it looks brilliant. Nothing is wrong with the painting IMO.
DEC 29, 2008 - 11:26 AM
Hi Serkan, if you accept, I tell you what in my opinion is wrong in your job 1 Clothing glossy finish. Clothes are not glossy! I don'know if you use oil or acrilyc colours. If you use oils, glossy is a problem, but one solution is put the figure to dry under a bulb. Acrilyc colours (Vallejo or Andrea) generally have a mat finish, but otherwise you can add a little bit fo Tamiya Flat base X-21(a point brush!!). 2 Tones. In my opinion you must emphasize tones and shadings on your figure. Expecially on clothes. The green tunic is too flat. The lower part must be darker than the higher part: the maximum light is over the shoulders.. And the folds (on tunic and trousers ) must been emphasize too: when I paint clothes i give at least 4 or 5 lighting coats and 4 or 5 shading coats. The crossbow wood and leather parts are good!! I hope you accept my criticism Good job Tommaso
DEC 29, 2008 - 09:53 PM