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Making A Simple Base

First off I think it’s important to note that a base does not make a figure but it can ruin a very well painted one. An example would be a base that does not fit the figure conceptually, physically of even historically or draws too much attention away from the figure. Having said that I’m still pretty much learning what works and what doesn’t so I’m certainly no expert. However, for me having a figure without a base just doesn’t seem finished.
In this article, Rackham’s mini from the Wolfen of Yllia series, the Grave Guardian forms the centerpiece. I actually know very little about Minis and even less about the various factions and characters of the rich universe in the Rackham’s Confrontation family of minis but based on what was written about the Grave Guardian in the card that accompanied the kit they were just that.
So several thoughts came about in my old and overly imaginative blockhead but a central theme remained. I wanted a base that conveyed a desolate, barren landscape not unlike a graveyard or a tomb. At the same time it had to have some simple structures that were easy to do but helped to convey the theme as well.

Thus I went with a base that would have no or little vegetation, preferably dried and dead ones if at all. The ground would have to appear dry and eroded and in a pale, lifeless color which incidentally would not overpower the darker shades used on the figure. As for structures I hoped an odd, old skull impaled on a spear and some simple and worn-out “No Entry” signboards written in some intelligible gibberish would suffice.

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About CK Tang (beachbum)

Like most forum members here I started with Airfix, Frog & Matchbox at a time when there was no Internet. From the first time I saw a photo of a vignette on a Ford GPA in a swamp (from Monogram I think), I knew dioramas was the thing for me. However, it took more than a 25-year layoff from modelling...


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