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MC 202 Folgore

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About the Author

About Derek (Percheron)

I have not been building very long at all, almost a year. I started out with RC aircraft and then took up conventional models to get me through the winter. It seems that the plastic has taken root more than the RC. I prefer unusual aircraft, the planes that don't get built often, or if they are t...


Hi Derek Congratulations on your success in the contest! Thoroughly deserved - it's a superb build! Many thanks for submitting the fresh pics for us all to enjoy. All the best Rowan
JUN 23, 2007 - 06:32 AM
Great build. Very well deserved price at the IMPS show. I have a Folgore in my stash and I am puzzled about the camouflage scheme. Did Folgores have a camouflage scheme with spots on one wing and rings on the other? Or does the model represent a plane with a substite wing from another plane? Thanks for sharing your great model - and congratulations on the prize
JUN 28, 2007 - 01:16 AM
Hi Jesper, Yes, the wing was a replacement. The Hasegawa kit was the "Italian Aces" kit which shows the right wing having smoke rings. I tried to copy the box art but had a heck of a time getting the camo scheme depicted to look right, so I got creative. Jesper, I know you are neck deep in campaigns, but I hope you build your Folgore, I have not seen many (if any, lately) turn up on Aeroscale. It would be great to see what other folks do with this plane. Also, thank you all for your kind words about this build!
JUN 28, 2007 - 03:00 AM
Hi Darek, thanks for the quick answer. Very interesting and super cool that you are building a specific aircraft with that unusual camo scheme. I am also feeling like starting on my Folgore, but as you said there a few campaigns to attend to as well. Maybe a Mediterranean Sea campaign for 2008
JUN 28, 2007 - 06:00 PM
Lovely work! Congrats on the award! This plane really has lovely lines... very much an air racing look... Looks like quite a tight cockpit to enter though... Perhaps a stupid question, but I noticed that the insignia on the wings are different. The hook-thingy faces outwards on both, thus pointing in opposite directions. Was this purely aesthetic? Or was there a reason the Italians did it this way? Again, awesome work, and please forgive my questions if they seem ignorant Rudi
JUN 28, 2007 - 08:28 PM
Hi Jesper and Rudi! I've built the MC 205 "Veltro" (very similar Hasegawa kit) in 2004 and the markings are also mirrored. It seems it was a common pratice but I don't know why? Maybe someone has the answer to this? Jean-Luc
JUN 28, 2007 - 08:55 PM
Hey Jean-Luc, Nice build! How did these hold up in comparison to their Allied adversaries? Rudi
JUN 28, 2007 - 11:11 PM
Thank you Rudi. I did not find out why they had them face out like that, however they were based on a Roman weapon of war. The color insignia by the cockpit is the same. The Folgore and Veltro did very well against Allied aircraft, but like many victories it depended on the pilot. The Folgore had a license built Daimler engine built by Fiat, it made less power than the Daimler and was not as reliable. The Italians did not have the production capability the Germans had so they did not make that many. What is interesting is the left wing is longer than the right by a few cm. This was done to counter prop torque. BTW, what does Fiat stand for? Fix It Again, Tony. -Derek
JUN 29, 2007 - 04:14 AM