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HMS Stickleback, X51 Midget Submarine

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Luciano Satornetti, (Littorio), took a recent trip to the Imperial War Museum, Duxford, and has provided us with a closer look at the X 51 Midget Sub, HMS Stickleback.

Historical Facts:

X51 Stickleback
Launched: July 1954.
In 1958 it was sold to the Royal Swedish Navy, for use in harbour defence exercises. Renamed Spigger (Stickleback). In 1976 it was returned to the United Kingdom. Now at the Imperial War Museum Duxford.

X51 Class Technical Facts:

- Builder: Vickers-Armstrong Ltd, Barrow-in-Furness.
- Ordered: 06.09.1951
- Completed: 05.06.1955
- Yard No: 1037
- Dimensions (in feet & inches): Length: 53 ft 9, Beam: 6 ft 3, Draught: 7 ft 6.
- Displacement: Surface: 36 tons Submerged: 41 tons.
- Propulsion: Surface: Single six cylinder Perkins diesel engine. Submerged: Single electric motor. Single propeller.
- Speed: Surface: 7 knots Submerged: 6 knots.
- Endurance: 1,000 nautical miles at 8.5 knots (surfaced).
- Armaments: Two 2-ton side cargoes, Limpet mines.
- Complement: 5.
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About Luciano Satornetti (Littorio)

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