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Duke of Bavaria Show - 2007

Duke of Bavaria, 13 – 15 April 2007

As is tradition, the annual “Duke of Bavaria” was held in Ingolstadt at the Bavarian Army Museum. The Museum, with all the historical pieces, is more than just the perfect backdrop for the show – it is the home of the “Duke of Bavaria” figure show.

The internationally renowned show, held from 13 – 15 April 2007, was represented by the following ten nations: Germany, Swiss, Austria, Italy, England, Scotland, Belgium, Netherlands, France and USA. Apart from the show, it was terrific to meet all the international friends and so we had a lot of talks.

We also were very pleased to welcome the following clubs to our show:

  • Lugdunum Figurine Club Lyonnaise, France
  • AMFC Montrouge, France
  • La Condotta, Firenze, Italia
  • La Compagnia del Figurino Storico, Roma, Italia
  • Antwerpen Modell Soldier Society, Belgium
  • Les Fêlés du Modélisme, Liberchies, Belgique
  • IHF, Interessengemeinschaft Historische Figuren, Dortmund
  • Modellbaufreunde Neumarkt

    The figures that were in the competition have been convincing by a very high standard. So it was no wonder that the jury had to do a hard job. The jury also put two displays out of the Standard Class and placed them to the “Master Painting” and “Master Open” class. The display of Andreas Gey, now placed in the “Master Open”, won a Gold medal and also the “Best of Show”. The artist was really overwhelmed because of his success.

    We are especially very happy about the fact, that the “Duke of Bavaria” is a competition, which found friends under Modellers of Flat-Figures, Round Figures, Historical Miniatures and Fantasy Miniatures.

    Beside the competition we also had some seminars.

  • Markus Eckmann: Sculpting Figures
  • Bruno Schmäling: “The sundance of the Lakota” A PowerPoint SBS about the development of this vignette, including the historical background of this ceremonial dance.
  • Thomas Pockrandt: The reenactor showed us the complete uniform and equipment of a Napoleonic Grenadier of the Guard. Finally he ended his seminar with a big bang, when he fired his gun.
  • Geoffrey Ilsley: Airbrush techniques with Oil colours.
  • Marco Lambertucci: Painting Tartans with Acrylics.

    The Members of the Jury:

  • Bruno Schmäling (chief judge)
  • Geoffrey Ilsley
  • Michael Seitz
  • Marco Lambertucci
  • Carsten Abel
  • Davide Decina
  • Markus Eckmann

    Bavarian Army Museum, Ingolstadt , Germany

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    About the Author

    About Markus Eckmann (MarkusE)

    Hello Friends, here are my Bio/Backround: Born 16.11.1968 in Ingolstadt/Bavaria/Germany. I´m married since 1998 and I live in Roßhaupten - that is near Castle Neuschwanstein - about ten minutes by car. I have a son (7 years old) and a daughter (4 years old). I´m a Physiotherapist and a profess...


    2 general things and 2 personal things -the quality of the models presented, I am astonished by the quality and sometimes originality of the models exposed. The fantasy pieces especially are sometimes way above what i have been seeing at other shows reports. -the pictures you took Markus are of the highest standards, and your coverage absolutely extensive. -that gives me food for thought about the high and lows of actually doing full dioramas with historical colorful figs (preferred one here: Die Pest) -das Bier, I didn't attend to one of those shows in 20 years time, but my taste for beer would get me back there 2 general remarks! -did i dream or was there GIRLS in the attendance ?!!! -few "younger" people, is the fact of painting figs or whatever some kind of strange disease that you catch when you reach 35+? Danke Schönn Markus! JB
    MAY 03, 2007 - 01:10 PM
    Hi Markus. Wow, is it really a year since you posted the last shows photos What a nice show to attend, fantastic location and again some really nice work to see. It's also nice to recognise some of the work on display from you guys. Thanks Markus Vic
    MAY 03, 2007 - 02:10 PM
    Next Year i am there !!!! The end
    MAY 03, 2007 - 03:01 PM
    @Rudi: Thanks for editing and uploading the article !!! I know you had a lot of work with all the pics.... @JBA: First let me thank you for the nice banner you created for this feature !!! • Now some short remarks to your thought: The pictures haven`t been taken by myself - the pictures are from Jürgen Nirschl (Figures) and Peter Kirmaier (around the show), our Photographer Team of the DOB. • You are right JB, there have been girls visiting the show....from France, Belgium, GB and Germany...and they won also some medals !! Some of them are excellnt painters !!!! • About shows: I only can tell you, don`t miss them. For me it is the best part of our hobby, because I always meet so much people I only knw from the web - some of them became really good friends !!! Perhaps I meet you on a figure show sometimes in the future...so we can have some talks and some beers !!! @Vic: How are you ?? I haven`t heard from you for such a long time. You are right about the show: Great location and great works !!! @Costas: I think you will love our show !!! Meet you at Athens !! All the best my friends, Markus
    MAY 03, 2007 - 04:34 PM
    Markus It's been 7 years I live in Lyon and that your friends Lugdunum organize an "international" fig fair basically down my road and that i didn't care going. If they invite you one day, i will be there than ks for the great report! JB
    MAY 04, 2007 - 03:11 PM
    Great report brother..thanks to all of you for taking us there.
    MAY 05, 2007 - 03:13 PM
    Lots of inspirational work. The Gladiator on Page 14 is still stuck on my mind. Pity my keyboard has to be the victim of another session of uncontrollable discharge of oral fluids otherwise commonly referred as drooling. Many thanks Marcus for putting up the pics of this amazing show.
    MAY 09, 2007 - 06:49 AM
    A superb show report Markus. Excellent photos of some amazing figures. The Bavarian army museum looks like a fantastic location for a figure show. I hope I will make it to Ingolstadt some day. Vielen danke Markus.
    MAY 09, 2007 - 10:43 AM