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The Dambusters Inn

The Dambusters Inn. Scampton. Lincolnshire.

Just to the north of Lincoln is RAF Scampton. Today its probably best known for being the home of the world famous Red Arrows display team, but on the 16th May 1943 a hand picked squadron took off from here on what was to possibly become the most famous bombing mission of WW2. From that night onwards, 617 Sqn would forever be known as “The Dam Busters”.

Drive into Scampton village today and you’ll find the “Dambusters Inn”. This is a pub unlike any other in that it was originally a house that was turned into a pub (the only pub in the village!), specifically to house the owners considerable, and still growing, collection of Dambusters memorabilia.

Although I have lived in the area for many years, I wasn’t aware of the pubs existence until recently. It really is a hidden gem. The walls are covered in anything and everything connected with the Dambusters. Parts from Lancasters, photographs, models, copies of letters, you name it, its in there!

The first pints of beer drawn from the pumps when the pub opened a few years ago were pulled by men who flew on the Dambusters raid. In true RAF tradition the walls are signed by aircrew, from the original members of 617 Sqn to the RAF Red Arrows pilots of today.

The Dambusters Inn is a living museum dedicated to the men and women of 617 Sqn past and present. Some of the more poignant items on display being copies (I believe) of letters hand written by Wing Co Guy Gibson to families of the airmen that did not return from the dams raid.

Here are some photos from my visit , and you can also visit the pubs website at www.dambustersinn.co.uk

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that they also serve excellent food and beer!!
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