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Start Here (for Beginners)
This forum is for younger modelers or people just starting out in the hobby.
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New to the forum...
Victoria, Australia
Joined: May 17, 2007
KitMaker: 18 posts
AeroScale: 8 posts
Posted: Thursday, May 17, 2007 - 08:27 AM UTC
Hi all - just registered as a newbie to the site, and have returned to making model aircraft after a period of about 20 years!

I was persuaded to get back into it by another forum member who may wish to remain anon!

A couple of questions for you (I know that my anon mate has already answered some of these questions for me), but I have been a loyal Airfix 1/72 aircraft modeller, and have recently purchased (and made) a few Airfix kits - question: I thought that Airfix had gone into liquidation, but recently I saw a 2007 Airfix Catalogue - is Airfix making a comeback, and if so, do you think that they will have improved their kit quality?

I am currently making a 1/72 Airfix Hercules (which has Italeri parts in it, for some strange reason) and the quality doesn't seem too bad, but I've also made the Saab Viggen and Mosquito recently, both of which were horrible fits!!

Thanks for your advice - I want to try and stay loyal to Airfix, but I am being pushed towards Tamiya!!!

California, United States
Joined: March 29, 2007
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Posted: Thursday, May 17, 2007 - 09:18 AM UTC
It all depends on your prefered subject. Being mainly interested in WW1 aircraft at the moment, I tend to get Roden and Toko kits, along with the cheaper Eduard kits. I used to build almost exclusively the Revellogram kits before I knew there was even such a thing as other companies. I occasionally will try other brands as well, to see what their quality is. In my experience you can get lucky sometimes with the Academy kits, their newer kits are of good quality though interior detail is often somewhat sparce. I recommend looking up as many reviews online to see what catches your interest.
New South Wales, Australia
Joined: May 27, 2005
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Posted: Thursday, May 17, 2007 - 09:20 AM UTC
Welcome to Aeroscale Jezmondo

I am sure you will find the site a valueable source of information and advice.

I think Hornby Railways aquired Airfix late last year, so lets hope they continue to churn out kits to keep your Airfix fascination going.

Yes, your anon mate is correct about Tamiya kits, but I'm sure he wouldn't want you to limit yourself, there are a multitude of kits to build.

I look forward to seeing your builds.

England - East Midlands, United Kingdom
Joined: December 23, 2005
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Posted: Friday, May 18, 2007 - 02:48 AM UTC
Welcome to Aeroscale Jezmondo!
I returned to the hobby about 18 months ago after a very long break,and like yourself,had built Airfix 1:72 when I was younger and started off building them again.
A combination of returning to my youth and also wanting to actually build them properly now I have the benefit of a few more years and the patience that comes with it.
Since then Ive built Tamiya,Revell,Academy,Special Hobby and still build the occasional old Airfix kit. If your anything like me you'll find them hard work after some of the other offerings, but its still nice to put one together now and again.
Airfix are indeed up and running again, and are advertising what looks like a lovely Spitfire MkI in 1:48. I will probably break from my 1:72 habits and get that one for myself. Ive also picked up the 1:24 Spit for a future project.
The important thing is to have fun and enjoy building.Theres no need to start buying expensive aftermarket sets unless you want to of course.
You might enjoy reading this small feature I did on Building The Airfix Spitfire MkI
Happy modelling and looking forward to seeing you post some pictures of your models,Airfix or otherwise.
Victoria, Australia
Joined: May 17, 2007
KitMaker: 18 posts
AeroScale: 8 posts
Posted: Friday, May 18, 2007 - 11:10 AM UTC
Thanks for the welcome, everyone - really appreciate it. I'll do my best to break away from Airfix, if my fat and clumsy fingers will allow!!

And thanks for the advice - appreaciate that too.
Alberta, Canada
Joined: March 13, 2007
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Posted: Monday, May 21, 2007 - 06:42 AM UTC
Firstly, welcome back to the hobby. I think many of us have returned after taking a long break. In the 20 years since you last built models the hobby has changed drastically, with new manufacturers from the Czech Republic, Poland, China and Korea giving the big names some real competition. A lot of the subjects from Airfix's catalogue have quite simply been superceded by newer, more accurate, better fitting and more detailed kits. I'm not sayng nice models can't be built from the older Airfix kits, but they require a much greater investment of time and effort to attain a similar standard to these newer kits. Still, there are plenty of subjects that Airfix released that are still unique to their range, and some of their later kits were/are very nice models. I believe they've just released a brand new-tool lifeboat kit, which I hear is very nicely done.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Joined: December 27, 2002
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Posted: Monday, May 21, 2007 - 07:35 AM UTC
Welcome aboard Jezmondo.
I believe that Airfix will continue running in the business and I really hope so. Im also planning to buy their new Spitfire Mk I with two blade prop in 1/48. Ive read somewhere that itll be realesed in September.
Your friend is right, for me also the Tamiya kits are the best in all scales, at less in AC, but Airfix has good and lovely kits also, and a lot more cheaper. I love the Mossies and I recon that Tamiya has the better ones in 1/72 & 1/48 but the Airfix Mossies in 1/72 are kits that have something special to me, I like them. With patienece and care you can get nice models, here are two of my collection:

Youre in the right place, enjoy the site and keep modelling