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Osprey: Panzer IV Medium Tank
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Posted: Friday, July 14, 2006 - 04:19 PM UTC
Delbert Davis gives us his opinion on this not so new title from Osprey. Thanks Delbert.


Osprey: Panzer IV

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Posted: Friday, July 14, 2006 - 07:47 PM UTC
Im glad to read this review, because I have the older Vanguard (18)version of the book, and apart from the cut-away drawing on the front cover, there doesn´t appear to be much difference. I compared my book to the sample pages shown in the review, and everything is the same except the layout.
In the newer version, the photographs have the narrative text to their side, reducing the size of the photographs. The older book has them below, therefore the images appear to be much larger. Text and contents-order appear to be identical. The newer book appears to have an "layed-out order" and list of contents, but reduces the photograph size to accomodate this.

I would agree with Delberts review. Probably not 100% geared towards the modeller, but still useful. I picked up the older book from E-bay for a few pounds. With the amount of details on some of the new PIV kits, it could still be very helpful though, with parts placement and markings!.

Another book I have, and would be a much superior book, and definately better for modellers, is Tanks in Detail 1 - PzKpfwIV Ausf A to J, by Jonathon Forty. Some excellent detail photographs, and a helpful explanation of the changes between each ausf. It also contains line drawings, modern coloured photographs of preserved vehicles and 4 pages of tactical and division signs.
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Posted: Saturday, July 15, 2006 - 08:15 AM UTC
Good review Delbert, and a fair rating.
I second Franks choice of 'Tanks in Detail', I have that one (as it is, that's my first reference on the Pzr IV I ever bought..) and it's an excellent introduction to the Pzr IV, both for the enthusiast and modeler alike.
One of the modelers Bibles must be 'Achtung Panzer' it's just such a pity the text is in Japanese... come on, somebody translate the series..

I spotted two things, the text in one of the photo's with the review mentions 'casually' that the mounting of dozerblades was not unknown... so it may be, but I've not heard about that before, nor have I seen pictures of Pzr IV's with a dozerblade..
And the caption with the drawing of the Panzer in Snow camouflage states it's a Panzer IV Ausf J in North Russia, in early 1944. Must be an early prototype, as the Ausf. J was not produced untill June 1944...