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Contest "DISTRACTION" Photo Update nr. 5
Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Joined: June 07, 2002
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Posted: Thursday, November 14, 2002 - 11:12 AM UTC
Yes and here he is again with some new progress on my contestdio.
Todays progress pictures and actually this weeks last progress pictures (going with the girlfriend to germany this weekend) shows the plaster is being sanded and painted.
The inside of the building got it`s wallpaper.
Already had the sidewalk now I`ve got a road too. When I took the pictures it was freshly sculpted.

Here the pictures are.......

the overview


side view

road detail

the beautifull wallpaper

Any questions?? Just Ask

All the progress pictures of this dio can be seen in the 4 paged photoalbum on this link:
"DISTRACTION" Progress Photo`s

Donegal, Ireland
Joined: May 14, 2002
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Posted: Thursday, November 14, 2002 - 11:46 AM UTC
Hey faust. Looking good! Im impressed. Was it hard to sand down?
The road and footpath are great but the drainage between them is brilliant. This will look so good when it is painted! How did you go about that? The wallpaper looks the part as well.

This is just a point that came into my head, and I know you are not finished................... but hopefully it might help in some way
It now looks like a dio of a damaged house corner with a figure added for scale rather than a figure dio with scene. What Im trying to say is that maybe the building is overshadowing the figure. Make sense? Im not being critical, just my observations. Probably with rubble and items tossed around it may even things out a bit better. But something to keep in mind maybe. balance can be quite important also.

Enjoy your weekend and maybe the break will give you a new energy to make this the biz!!
Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Joined: June 07, 2002
KitMaker: 8,797 posts
AeroScale: 190 posts
Posted: Thursday, November 14, 2002 - 12:06 PM UTC
Yo plastic battle
This was actually the meaning of this dio.
That`s why I choose the name "DISTRACTION". If you look at the first picture in my album at MSN you`ll understand the story. The figure has to be the second thing that you`ll see in my dio. because that`s the thing the russian soldier will never when he shoots at the puppet.
I want my sniper to be in the first place almost invisible.

About the road and the drainage.
I did it the same as the bricks on the house. With a pen I scribed in all the lines needed.
When I had finished that I took a vile ( hope that`s an exsisting thing) an just viled the drainage into the block of foam.
Then I took the vile and held it upside down and just pushed the point gently in random order on the bricks in the road to get some certain depth in it. while normally a cobblestone road is not always a straght surface. I did the vile trick also on the stones next to the drain
to create a bended effect of the road. Still every road has got the same thing to let the water flow towards the drain instead of laying on the road waiting to cause an accident.
The Sanding of the wallplaster was peanuts and only after a minute or two sanding I got the nice and smooth surface

Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Joined: June 07, 2002
KitMaker: 8,797 posts
AeroScale: 190 posts
Posted: Thursday, November 14, 2002 - 07:25 PM UTC
here is an updated costs list that I forgot to contain in the first post of this topic

I talked this over with Keith because my Sniper ia completely scratchbuilt and I had no idea what to raise for it. So Keith and I agreed to raise 25ct. for every part that came from the scratchbox I thought this was fair.
-Modeling Clay from the DAS brand "Stolen" from my little sister : 0.00ct
-The Sniper gun came from the scrapbox : 0.25ct
-The right(shooting) hand from the scrapbox: 0.25ct
-the complete leftarm came from the scrapbox: 0.25ct
-The head with helmet out of the scrapbox: 0.25ct
-The boots from the scrapbox: 0.25
-The shovel and the cannister (I believe): 0.25ct
Total Scratchbuilt Sniper: $ 1.50

The building and sidewalk
-Foam used for the building and sidewalk I got it from my father out of the hospital: 0.00ct
-Windowframe was made out of a couple of icelolly sticks wich I had laying around: 0.00ct
-Miliputt wich I had laying around for a long time: Oh heck I raise 0.25ct for that then my building got any value within
-one tube of wallspackle/plaster/ (plamuur in dutch) "stolen" from my fathers workshed: 0:00ct
-The road with drainage sculpted out of the same foam where everything except the figure is sculpted out 0.00 ct.
Total scratchbuilt houseruin: $0.25ct

Overall cost: $1.75

North Carolina, United States
Joined: February 22, 2002
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Posted: Friday, November 15, 2002 - 01:52 AM UTC
Your dio is coming along very well. I like it and I really like the progress photos you are giving us (I wish I had the ability to do that (:-) ).

My 2cents - You are probably going to do this anyway, so this is probably redundant. Give the edges of the wall paper a bit more roughing up around the damage spots and how did the wallpaper get beat up under the window sill?

Very good so far.
Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
Joined: May 22, 2002
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Posted: Friday, November 15, 2002 - 07:44 AM UTC
This really is getting somewhere ! Love your performance here Faust... Can't wait to see the finished model.
Joined: October 03, 2002
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Posted: Friday, November 15, 2002 - 06:32 PM UTC
Shout out to FAUST

Progress is sweet!...if I worked as hard as you on my school work I would be a genious!
Its realy snazzy!...when you get your rubble, your "distraction" and you paint your road with a bit of weathering you have a yourself and awawrd winning dio!!!

Keep it up!