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Modern (1975-today)
Discuss the modern aircraft age from 1975 thru today.
Correct Pylons For LGBs on MiG-29SMT?
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Posted: Thursday, August 27, 2020 - 05:46 AM UTC
More specifically, does anybody sell them? Iíve got the GWH kit, whose payload is entirely AAMs, but Iíd like to model an aircraft Iíve seen in pics that carries KAB-500L (or possibly some other KAB-500 version) on the four inner pylons, and a couple of AAMs on the outermost pylons. While there are several very nice resin representations of the bombs themselves available, none of them seem to include pylons, and the kit pylons are intended for AAMs, with missile rails attached.

Does anybody know if any of the companies that do modern Russian weapons, like Advanced Modelling or ResKit, also does pylons, or if thereís another source for these? I know thereís the big Kitty Hawk set, but thatís kinda Sukhoi oriented, plus I really donít need enough weaponry to load up half a dozen aircraft, and whichíll cost twice what the more detailed resin parts cost, just to get pylons.