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Cold War (1950-1974)
Discuss the aircraft modeling subjects during the Cold War period.
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F9F2 vs F3
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Posted: Thursday, May 07, 2020 - 09:53 PM UTC
I'm much better with tracks than wings. Have an F9F3 kit. From what I know F2 and F3 were built the same time. 2s had P&W J42 engines. 3s had Allison J33 engines, as insurance against the J42 engines not working out. The F3s were underpowered(I read they needed 30 knot winds over the bow to get off the carrier with a full load and were restricted on carrying bombs, ground attack limited to strafing only.) and were later retrofitted with the J42s to bring them up to F2 standards and then to 2B standards , to carry bombs. Would the rebuilds have been re-marked as F9F2Bs and gotten new BuAer numbers, or just retained the old BuAer # and old F9F3 marking? Also, any idea when the rebuilds were done?