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Topics from the Dreadnaught era to modern day.
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Modernized Iowa Class Question
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Posted: Sunday, December 22, 2019 - 10:41 AM UTC
I recently ordered Revell's modernized New Jersey Platinum edition, so am looking forward to doing my first Pontos set.

Bit I do have a number of questions since I am planning on doing a "what-if" build along the lines of the proposed "Phase II" modernization that was never done in the 90s. No, I don't intend on building an aft flight deck, but I am going to add VLS cells only for Tomahawks. I am also considering removing her aft 16" turret since I did read a proposal to fill the barbette with VLS (debating the "removing the aft turret would unbalance the ship" argument though).
I do have many questions about what her electronics fit would have looked like if she had stayed in service till around 2012. I'm looking at bringing her electronics up to date with what we would have seen on a CVN at that date. I know "what-if" questions can get ridiculous at times, but I really want to build as accurate as possible a ship.

1. What would be the value in keeping her optical range finders if she had been modified to carry the SPQ-9B? If they were removed, would it make sense for her to have TWO SPQ-9B's in the place of the old range finders?

2. I am going to remove all the WWII era Mk38 directors and replace her old twin 5in/38cal turrets with modern 5"/54 Mk45 mounts. I am confused about what sensors/directors she would carry for these guns. Is the SPQ-9B the only radar that would be needed? Would she have Mk50/60/61 directors just for the guns (I am thinking anti-air as well as anti-surface)?

3. I'm going to add a whole slew of SATCOM antennas, any guidance on where they would have to be? I know there were major concerns about the 16" blast affecting electronics, but I don't know how far/high they would have to be to protect them.

4. Same with Sea Sparrow. I read that Sea Sparrow wasn't considered for Phase 1 due to the same blast issues, but I want to add up to 4 RAM launchers high up on the superstructure and am considering adding Sea Sparrow anyway in accordance with some of the drawings I have seen from the 80's.

5. Since the 40mm/20mm were mounted at various times on top of the 16inch turrets (despite the ferocious blast), why would it be bad to mount other modern electronics/guns/missiles on them? I was considering 25mm mounts, maybe SATCOM antennas, etc.

I don't intend to make her a Kirov-like ship with guns and missiles and electronics everywhere, but I would think that there has to be room for significant improvements and additions. Anything that makes sense I am missing?

I know that alot of her initial "Phase One" modernization was limited by the cost...but since I am thinking of a "money is not an issue" Phase II....where could I go with it REALISTICALLY?

Thanks, everyone!
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Posted: Tuesday, December 31, 2019 - 10:27 AM UTC
Not sure I can give you much advice on the question re electronics and comms fit out David but it sounds like a great idea, I would like to see your modernised version for sure, go for it. You can throw realism out the window with a build like this.