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NEW: EDUARD 1/48 P-51D-5 (early) Fillet-less
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Posted: Monday, August 19, 2019 - 10:31 PM UTC
Hello, Everyone!

Seen at "HYPERSCALE What's New", this morning... The next 1/48 P-51 in their new and upcoming series, (due this October), has been announced by EDUARD. This will be the first Early-production model of the P-51D-5, without the Vertical Stabilizer Fillet. There are other changes from their first Limited Edition "Chattanooga Choo Choo" kit. The incidence of the Horizontal Stabilizer has been changed in just a very small way; it's not obvious, but it is entirely correct. The all-new Fuselage is molded in the more conventional two halves, with no requirements for adding any "inserts" in the tail-empennage. Once again, EDUARD has molded all Control Surfaces separately, allowing the modeler to "pose" them a bit more candidly. These are, as in their earlier release, molded with the choices of having the earlier "fabric-covered" ribbing, or the later-style "metal covered" surfaces. The modeler is afforded the choices of different Canopies, Propellers and under-wing stores, as were included in the "Chattanooga" kit. As with any of the "better" Profipak kits, EDUARD includes a fret of PE and Masks. The clear parts are faultlessly clear and beautifully rendered.

EDUARD supplies SIX new decal and marking choices, which are entirely different from the first P-51D-5 (late) kit; among them, there are "Frenesi", of the 357th Fighter Group, and two choices of Major George Preddy's "Cripes A Mighty" early-type D-5s.

Most of the other changes are very subtle indeed, and they are entirely in keeping with the details of early P-51D-5s. These changes should make any "real fan" of the P-51-series happy. The "box-art" is all-new, showing "Frenesi" having just mortally wounded a Bf.109G-series, against a backdrop of a beautifully clear Blue sky, with a part of a formation of USAAF B-24s in the distance...

The whole package, with photos of the model, parts and illustrations of the decal and marking choices, is worth a look over at HYPERSCALE; here's the link:


VR- Dennis