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For all ground-operating modelling subjects.
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Posted: Tuesday, July 23, 2019 - 03:16 AM UTC

Matthew Lenton reviews Peter Clark''s memoir of his US Army service in Vietnam during 1966-67.

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Posted: Tuesday, July 30, 2019 - 02:57 PM UTC
Greatly enjoy reading first-person autobiographical history books. The chance to hear from those that did the task at hand is humbling and inspiring.
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Posted: Tuesday, July 30, 2019 - 03:09 PM UTC
After I read "Fortunate Son", I don't feel the need to read any more.
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Posted: Wednesday, July 31, 2019 - 08:16 PM UTC

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After I read "Fortunate Son", I don't feel the need to read any more.

Robert, I hadn't heard of this book but having read a bit about it and its author Lewis Puller, it seems to underline what I suggested about Peter Clark being lucky. Things could so easily have turned out quite differently for him. An interesting parallel that they both qualified for the bar.