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Posted: Sunday, June 21, 2020 - 08:39 AM UTC

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In 2 and 3 corp they ran a lot of convoys. I was on one from Long Binh to Boa Loc pass in 3rd corp and we convoyed from Nha Trang up to An Son outside of Qui Nhon. The trans units ran a lot of convoys between Qui Nhon and Pleiku. Wayne

I've to Qui Nhon once! Actually drive there from a little north of Duc Pho in a five ton (a four truck convoy) to pick up ammo right off an LST. Going down wasn't real bad as we probably were doing 60+mph. Coming back was scary, as each truck was way over loaded. Took over twice as long to get to Liz, and going slow enough that a mine would have gone off under us. The CAV unit was a no show, so we were on our own. We didn't take a Jeep as Convoy Lead because they're too slow. Yet 20,000lb in a five ton makes them ride a lot better!

Most LZ's and base camps have one road in and the same road out. Not real bad this time of the year, but come September your driving thru deep mud. You get bogged down, and come sun down he's got you. That and most bridges won't take much weight. We lived and died by the Chinook! Add to that, after you got west of our base camp; there were no roads or even cow paths.
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