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advice 4 complete newbie in aircraft (Fokker)
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Posted: Sunday, September 16, 2018 - 09:39 PM UTC
Hey everyone! i'm a long time AFV modeller and i specialize on cold war tanks mainly. I've never ever build an aiprlane model and i have absolutely no knowledge about the manufacturers, kits quality, price, not even scales really.

A friend of mine asked me to build a German WW1 Fokker DR1 plane for him. So here i am asking you guys for an advice which kit to get. I'm aiming for something 20-30 cm long (really, i got NO idea about the scales when it comes to aircraft models) and an accurate kit that doesnt require aftermarket parts to look decent.

What are my options here?
Cheers everyone
Queensland, Australia
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Posted: Sunday, September 16, 2018 - 10:16 PM UTC
for 20-30 cm you have to go for 1/32 like the Roden one or 1/28 Revell....the Roden are better but Revell it's easier,Eduard do nice kit in "Profi pack"with PE etc...but in 1/48,or you wait and pray Wingnuts Wing do the Dr1 and then you have the state of art of all the kits in 1/32 they are museum quality they blow your mind OOB

WW1 fighter plane they were very small and a Fokker Dr1 triplane will be long about 20cm or less in 1/32, the Dr1 is a good model because have a not much rigging to do
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Posted: Tuesday, September 18, 2018 - 01:13 AM UTC
i agree with all that Vicious said.

Last year Revell also reissued the Dr.1 kit in 1/28 scale.
That would be even larger, maybe coming close to what your friend wants.
I'm sure you can find reviews of it somewhere since the kit is quite old.

Here is a link to the Scalemates page about it:
Queensland, Australia
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Posted: Tuesday, September 18, 2018 - 01:35 AM UTC
If your friend want the red baron version there the Wingnut Wings but is a Albatros D.V in 1/32 special editionwith the figurine made by model cellar,i have the kit and the box,the instruction,the model with PE and the decal are out of this world,not just for a plane but for the modeling world in general

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Posted: Tuesday, September 18, 2018 - 04:38 AM UTC
If this is your first aircraft kit, I'd say go with the Revell 1/28 Fokker Triplane. I've built just about every Fokker DR1 out there, including a couple of "stick and tissue" kits. The Revell 1/28 kit began life in the late 1950s and for many years was the best kit out there-- and was designed with reasonable detail and construction in mind. It's rather basic in detail though. The Roden 1/32 scale kit is better detailed but not the easiest kit to build with lots of fit issues. The Eduard 1/48 scale kit is nice, builds well, but is quite small in that scale, and it is a little "fiddly". The Hobbycraft Fokker DR1 kit is actually a poor "knock-off of the Revell 1/28 scale kit (I recommend avoiding it--lots of flash and fit issues because it's a poor knock-off). So I agree wholeheartedly with Vicious-- if this is your first WWI kit, go with the Revell kit. It's probably the most affordable kit too.

Here are some links:



VR, Russ