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Large amount of books for sale!
Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
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Posted: Sunday, October 18, 2015 - 10:30 PM UTC

AIRBORNE EQUIPMENT a history of its development, John Weeks, 1976, HB €7,50

ACROSS THE REEF the amphibious tracked vehicle at war, Victor J. Croizat, 1989, HB €12,50

KOMMANDO german special forces of world war two, James Lucas, 2000, HB €7,50

KNIGHTS OF THE IRON CROSS a history 1939-1945, Gordon Williamson 1987, HB €15

ACES OF THE REICH, Gordon Williamson, 1989, SB €7,50

DE JAPANSE AANVAL OP JAVA, J.J. Nortier P Kuijt & P.M.H Groen, 1994, HB ** €15

MIT SCHWERTERN UND BRILLANTEN die träger der höchsten deutschen tapferkeitsauszeichnung, Günter Fraschka, 2002, HB * €12,50

HEROES IN DEATH the von blücher brothers in the fallschirmjäger, Adrian Nisbett, 2014, HB €22,50

MOURIR POUR SAINT-LO juillet 1944 la bataille des haies, Didier Lodieu, 2007, HB *** €17,50

GREEN DEVILS! German paratroopers 1939-1945, Jean-Yves Nasse, 1997, HB €22,50

LES LIONS DE CARENTAN fallschirmjäger-regiment 6 1943-1945, Volker Griesser, 2005, HB *** €17,50

STORMING EAGLES german airborne forces in world war two, James Lucas, 1988, HB €17,50

DIE 6.PANZERDIVISION 1937-1945, H. Scheibert, 1975, HB * €12,50

THE LONGEST WINTER the battle of the bulge and the epic story of world war II’s most decorated platoon, Alex Kershaw, 2004, HB €12,50

HITLER’S SKY WARRIORS german paratroopers in action 1939-1945, Christopher Ailsby, 2000, HB €12,50

FALLSCHIRMJÄGER die geschichte der deutschen luftlandetruppen im zweiten weltkrieg, Chris McNab, 2000, HB * €12,50

STURMARTILLERIE die dramatische geschichte einer waffengattung 1939-1945, Franz Kurowski & Gottfried Tornau, 1977, HB * €40

SPEARHEADING D-DAY american special units in normandy, Jonathan Gawne, 1999, HB €25

1944 AMERICANS IN BRITTANY the battle for brest, Jonathan Gawne, 2002, HB

Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
Joined: May 22, 2012
KitMaker: 112 posts
AeroScale: 3 posts
Posted: Sunday, October 18, 2015 - 10:29 PM UTC

TON-UP LANCS a photographic history of the thirty-five RAF lancasters that each completed one hundred sorties, Norman Franks, 2005, HB €17,50

BEYOND COURAGE air sea rescue walrus squadrons in the adriatic mediterranean and thyrrhenian seas 1942-1945, Norman Franks, 2003, HB €12,50

ENEMY COAST AHEAD uncensored, Guy Gibson, 2003, HB €17,50

NIGHT AFTER NIGHT new zealanders in bomber command, Max Lambert, 2005, SB €15

JAPANESE ARMY AIR FORCE FIGHTER UNITS AND THEIR ACES 1931-1945, Ikuhiko Hata, Yasuho Izawa & Christopher Shores, 2002, HB €27,50

COASTAL COMMAND IN ACTION 1939-1945, Roy Conyers Nesbit, 2000, HB €12,50

ABOVE THE TRENCHES a complete record of the fighter aces and units of the british empire air forces 1915-1920, Christopher Shores, Norman Franks & Russel Guest, 1996, HB €25

ABOVE THE LINES a complete record of the fighter aces of the german air service, naval air service and flanders marine corps 1914-1918, Norman Franks, Frank W. Bailey & Russel Guest, 1998, HB €22,50

THE LUFTWAFFE FIGHTERS’ BATTLE OF BRITAIN the inside story; july-october 1940, Chris Goss, 2000, HB €12,50

THE GREATEST SQUADRON OF THEM ALL the definitive history of 603 (city of edinburgh) squadron RAUXAF volume I formation tot he end of 1940, David RossBruce Blanche & Willian Simpson, 2003, HB €22,50

NIGHT AIRWAR personal recollections of the conflict over europe 1939-45, Theo Boiten, 1999, HB €20 --pending--
Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
Joined: May 22, 2012
KitMaker: 112 posts
AeroScale: 3 posts
Posted: Sunday, October 18, 2015 - 10:29 PM UTC
Because I am running out of space I'm selling some of my books on military history, mainly on WWII subjects. All books are in read but good condition! I will update the list once I've sorted the rest, but if you are looking for a particular subject I can take a look for you.

Prices are without shipping, but I'm willing to make you a deal of you buy two books or more! I'm also willing to trade, if you have an interesting proposition.

If interested, send me a PM here, or write me an email to [email protected] so I can send you a photo pf the book and we can figure out how and where to ship.

TITLE subtitle, author, year of publishing, hard or softback, price in €

* in German
** in Dutch
*** in French



Weyers TACHENBUCH DER KRIEGSFLOTTEN 1941/42, 1941, HB * €40

Weyers TACHENBUCH DER KRIEGSFLOTTEN 1943/44, 1982, HB * €20

WARSHIPS OF WORLD WAR II, H.T. Lenton & J.J. Colledge, 1973, HB €20

THE SEA HUNTERS escort carriers v. U-Boats 1941-1945, Kenneth Poolman, 1982, HB €7,50

BLOODY WINTER revised edition, John M. Waters, 1967, HB €17,50

CHRONIK DES SEEKRIEGES 1939-45, J. Rohwer & G. Hümmelchen, 1968, HB * €25

ESCORT CARRIER 1941-1945, Kenneth Poolman, 1972, HB €12,50

THE LITTLE GIANTS u.s. escort carriers against japan, William T. Y’Blood, 1987, HB €22,50

ALLIED ESCORT SHIPS OF WORLD WAR II a complete survey, Peter Elliot, 1977, HB €50

UNITED STATES SUBMARINE OPERATIONS in world war II, Theodore Roscoe, 1988, HB €40

UNITED STATES DESTROYER OPERATIONS in world war II, Theodore Roscoe, 1988, HB €40

CRUISERS OF WORLD WAR TWO an international encyclopedia, M.J. Whitley, 1995, HB €25

THE IMPERIAL JAPANESE NAVY a battle history of, Paul S. Dull, 1978, HB €20

THE LIBERTY SHIPS, L.A. Sawyer & W.H. Mitchell, 1985, SB €22,50

THE JAPANESE NAVY IN WORLD WAR II in the words of former japanese naval officers, David. C. Evans 1986, HB €30

DE SLAG OM DE JAVAZEE, David Thomas, 1975, HB ** €12,50

SOVIET WARSHIPS of the second world war, Jürg Meister, 1977, HB €25

GERMAN WARSHIPS of the second world war, H.T. Lenton, 1975, HB €20


THE IMPERIAL JAPANESE NAVY, A.J Watts & B.G. Gordon, 1971, HB €35

THE FLOWER CLASS CORVETTE AGASSIZ anatomy of the ship, John McKay & John Harland 1993, HB €22,50

THE DESTROYER THE SULLIVANS anatomy of the ship, Al Ross, 1988, HB €22,50

THE DESTROYER ESCORT ENGLAND anatomy of the ship, Al Ross, 1985, HB €22,50