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General Aircraft: What If?
For those who like to build hypothetical or alternate history versions of planes.
The First Models I Ever built
Alabama, United States
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Posted: Saturday, February 12, 2011 - 09:27 AM UTC
I am totally new to this forum, so I am not 100% sure where to post.

around 20 years ago, when I was a kid, Revell made a series of Skill Level 1, "Snap-Tite" Models. These introduced me to modeling and began a hobby that lasted from 1990-1991 until now.

The first one I built was a B-25b and the second was a B-26. I am sure those have been out of production for some time now, but I'd like to find them NIB somewhere. If anyone has one or knows of a place I can look, I'd appreciate it.
North Carolina, United States
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Posted: Saturday, February 12, 2011 - 11:46 AM UTC
perhaps e-bay,also the buy and sell forum here might turn up something.
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Posted: Sunday, February 13, 2011 - 01:08 AM UTC
Hi Benjamin

Welcome to Aeroscale, it's great to have you with us.

I've seen Revell's Snap-Tite models turn up in hobby shops that specialize in second kits - Comet MIniatures is a good example in the UK - so it would be worth checking somewhere like that if you have a similar shop near you.

All the best