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Adding Photos from Gallery to Posts...
Staff MemberPublisher
New Hampshire, United States
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Posted: Wednesday, June 09, 2010 - 10:05 AM UTC
This doesn't include instructions for uploading photos. If you need to do that check out Darren's post. This is just a fast and simple method for adding photos to posts.

Louisiana, United States
Joined: March 06, 2010
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Posted: Sunday, July 18, 2010 - 11:04 AM UTC


Somehow I am no longer able to get pics posted conveniently into "replies" on threads!

Here's what I have "always" done- and, best of my knowledge, it worked.

1) I have opened a thread I am interested in.
2) I want to post a "reply"- so I hit the Reply tab and it opens a blank reply box.
3) I type in my reply text.
4) I want to add a pic after my reply comments... so, I move to the bottom of my text in the box, and I hit the img tab from the icons and tabs below the text-box. The "[img]string[img]" line appears as expected in my text box.

ALL GGOD, so far.

5) Now, I move my cursor up to the Photos tab, to get to my photos in kitmaker galleries- and it takes me there.

6) The KM page appears and shows my username- so I assume that I am "in", and I CAN open my photos. I open My Photos, and select and enlarge the pic I want.
7) I get the pic location by hitting the small tab to the right on the pic label- gets that next text line with http..., etc.
I hi-lite and copy this location.
8) HERE is the ISSUE! I now move my cursor to the arrows back and for on the upper left corner of the screen, and back up to my "reply" page for to paste the pic location into that [img] line....

And I find that all of my comment text is GONE.

So, what gives?

I used to be able to add a pic onto the reply after my text.

Seems that I cannot- now I have to first copy all of my text comments and icons to a separate Word doc file by cut n paste, then go get the pic, then return to the now-blank reply box, hit the [img] tab and get the line in my blank text box, paste in the pic location (BTW, I have THAT down pat- I know how to load that location info onto that [img] line reliably), then shift to the open Word doc and copy it, and return to the reply box and position my cursor above the [img] line and paste my text.


I KNOW this is NOT what is supposed to happen.


Bob Woodman
Louisiana, United States
Joined: March 06, 2010
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Posted: Sunday, July 18, 2010 - 11:21 AM UTC

OK- increasing sense of frustration...

Not only can I not "go back" to my reply text-box and resume my text comments nor even find the previously-installed (loaded) [img] line for to post a pic location in, but, with a little experimentation, I have found that I cannot go and get and post any second pic- even if I go thru all the hurdles of my previous post process...

That is, maybe my real question is HOW CAN I POST 2 pics in one reply box? I've done it before, but it does not appear to work now!


Bob W.
California, United States
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Posted: Monday, July 19, 2010 - 07:31 AM UTC
I have seen this disappearing text myself when replying. There are two ways round this:

1. Instead of using the same Web Browser window, use another. Web Browsers usually have a way to do this. Internet Explorer 8 has a "New Tab", "New Window", and "New Session" under the "File" menu. I usually use "New Tab". When the new window pops up, use it to browse the KitMaker Gallery. Switch back and forth using the tabs.

2. Another way is to add the img BBcodes (that's what the stuff in square brackets are) for your images then click on the Yes button to post your replies. Then you can go to the Gallery and grab an image URL, go back to the message thread and edit your reply to add the image URL to the img BBcode.

I think using the another tab/window/session is the easy way to do things.