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Armor/AFV: Allied - WWII
Armor and ground forces of the Allied forces during World War II.
Hosted by Darren Baker
Sherman Rocket Tanks in 752nd Tank Bn Italy
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Posted: Saturday, August 02, 2003 - 12:27 PM UTC
Thought some of you might be interested in a new page I just posted on my website regarding the use of Rocket Tanks by the 752nd Tank Battalion in Italy. The page covers the development of the 752nd's T40 "Whiz Bang" rocket tanks -- the very same tanks that appear in the color photos that have been widely circulated on the web and in various books and magazines. Only eight of these "experimental" tanks originally existed in Italy, and four of these were issued to the 752.

The T40 project was scrapped in Italy in favor of the 4.5 inch T34 Calliope-type launcher, largely because of its vastly extended range. The original eight T40 Whiz-Bang tanks were reconfigured with 4.5 inch rocket launchers, which went on to see considerable use in the Northern Apennines. These tanks did not use the standard Calliope configuration, but instead used an improvised 54-tube 4.5 inch rocket launcher rack that was apparently made from in-theater aircraft rocket launchers.

The web page includes several unpublished photos of the 7.2 inch T40, plus some shots of the improvised 4.5 inch launcher. I have also included a detailed history of the rocket tanks in the 752nd, plus some technical information that was sourced from original II Corps documents and War Department Technical Bulletins. You’ll also find what may be the only photo in existence of a rocket tank salvo actually hitting its mark (in a practice demonstration), as well as some actual before and after photos of some combat damage done by a salvo from a 752nd rocket tank.

To visit the page, go to:

752nd's Rocket Tanks

I hope some of you find this of interest.


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Posted: Saturday, August 02, 2003 - 12:46 PM UTC
Good information Bob. It will make a great reference site. Thank you very much. And Welcome to Armorama. You will be a great addition to the site.
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Posted: Saturday, August 02, 2003 - 12:55 PM UTC
Welcome aboard Bob' aka 752ndTank! Glad to have you here. Like Fred has said, a great addition to the site.

Wonderfully nice reference site. Excellent pictures with a wealth of information. It will certainly come in handy for future projects.