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Modern (1975-today): USA
Modern aircraft of the United States.
Kitech F-16 Build Log
Washington, United States
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Posted: Friday, December 08, 2017 - 10:29 AM UTC
Well, I've been posting my progress, or lack of it over on Terrible Teens
But, here are some updates:
Everything is glued on, wings, stabilators, and rudder. First coat of Tamiya primer went on without a hitch. Then it came to the Lt. Ghost Gray undersides. The AK paint failed miserably, no thinner. Testers acrylic paint failed (see below), Finally got Model Master enamel paint on it and it worked.

Got the Lt. Ghost Gray masked off and shot the Neutral Gray shot OK. Then I broke off a stabilator pealing off the masking got the Gunship Gray. Then got the Gunship Gray shot with only a few issues. Mostly. Didn't protect the front end of the plane when I shot the Gunship Gray and it got all over the front of the plane. No problem, I whipped out my backup airbrush and shot Lt. Ghost Gray over the nose, after I protected the back of the plane. OOPS, that's not Ghost Gray, it's supposed to be Neutral Gray. Load up the brush and re spray the neutral gray.

Finally got the radome painted and peeled off all of the tape.

Now I'm ready for the fiddly bits. But first I ought to put on the underwing decals so that they don't cause any problems with the pylons and stores. Then I notice that there aren't any stars and bars on the decal sheet.