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General Aircraft: Tips & Techniques
Discussions on specific A/C building techniques.
HobbyBoss 1/72 easykits?
Joined: September 11, 2009
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Posted: Sunday, November 22, 2009 - 03:30 AM UTC
Dear all,

I do not know if this question was made but:

Which is the worst 1/72 easykit from HobbyBoss


José César
Istanbul, Turkey / Türkçe
Joined: December 22, 2004
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Posted: Sunday, November 22, 2009 - 08:42 PM UTC
Hi Jose. I have done a few of the named kits and they all have weird contraversies. One point is extremely beautiful and you go 5mms to the side and it is a toy. Of the ones that I built the He-162 is the worst. It is a complete and utter disaster. The body is solid, rigid two bieces and the He 162 needs weight in the nose to prevent tail sitting, but you have no place to insert weight. I had to dig in all the way from side to side in the radom and fill it with lead and then puttied it again. The landing gears, on the other hand are a complete mystery. You can use them as a detail kit on their own. Realy funny kit.