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Alternative for Klear
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Posted: Monday, June 21, 2010 - 03:36 AM UTC

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Back to the gnat bite, I'm afraid. I can't see modelling being anything like big enough to make them change their minds. Even if model shops can sell hoarded spoonsful of the stuff for more than the price of champagne, the overall volume won't get close to justifying the retention of the old production line.

I have a few bottles of Klear. I was impressed enough with it to want to stock up. But it can't be the only useful clear coat. We lived without it before someone had the moment; we'll live without it again.

It was more of a surprised type of response from them. My comment about putting a buzz in their ear was more a comment about non-traditional uses for their product in general which I got the impression they had not looked at before. Back when I was in the Army guys who were "serious" about their gear and always had extra boots. Most always had one pair that damn near shined like patent leather they used for certain occasions. I recall this was actually achieved with some kind of floor finish. I can't remember if it was Future or not even though I remember using it myself just to get a mediocre shine. Whenever you came up for guard duty, they Battalion CQ would inspect all the guards and the sharpest looking one was released from pulling guard duty, got the night plus got the next day off like those who actually pulled it. There may be dozens of off label uses for Future that cumulatively could account for something. While I agree with your comments about our fellow modeler who predicted sales would fall off dramatically as being overstated, -if anything tracking sales would show a spike over normal levels indicating people hoarding it- in my mind there's nothing wrong with my bringing the topic up to J&J. Andrew Carnegie, whose cost efficient and simple method of producing steel dramatically affected the entire world and helped bring about the modern age, learned how to do it in an off-hand conversation with a Scottish (I think) bullet maker. I would imagine many simple and useful as well as great and/or important things came about from simple, off the cuff questions or remarks. Sometimes an idea dissipates as quickly as the hot air that formed the words, sometimes not. Reality is only one's perception of it.