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Armor/AFV: Early Armor
WWI and other early tanks and armored cars.
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Mirage Vickers E Mk A
Vaasa, Finland
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Posted: Wednesday, June 25, 2003 - 05:25 AM UTC

I've just purchased this kit of the two MG turret tank, and was eyeing the three Polish camo schemes on the instructions, when I noticed this little blurb on the back:

Quoted Text

To build the Polish version of the Vickers E Mk A please exchange part no. 10 for parts no. 8 from the model #35303 (the one I bought) and nos. 12A+12C+13C from the model #35304 (the one I didn't buy) should be added.

So, if I understand this correctly, I need to buy another Vickers kit, swap some parts, to be able to build one of the three Polish machines depicted on the instructions?!?

Has anyone else built this kit or #35304? What are the parts that I'm supposed to swap? Finally, if none of the machines depicted in the instructions can be accurately built from this kit, then what does this kit depict? One of the Greek ones?

Anyway, any thoughts / advice / feedback is greatly appreciated.
Mika H