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Hobby Store Directory
Western Australia, Australia
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Posted: Friday, December 12, 2008 - 01:08 AM UTC
Welcome to the Australian Hobby Store Directory


The purpose of this directory is to provide Kitmaker users with a list of hobby related stores in each State and Territory of Australia.


This will be presented in the following manner: in addition to this thread (a governance or information thread) an individual topic thread will be created in "The Bush Telegraph” for each State and Territory of Australia, as well as one for web-based stores based within Australia. These topics will be “stickied” at the top of “The Bush Telegraph”.

One post per store will be added to the relevant regional thread. Each post will contain information regarding the store as described below. It has been decided to present the information in this manner in order to make searching for store details as easy as possible in the absence of a database.

The aim for each individual thread beneath this topic is to provide a detailed and comprehensive list of all known hobby stores within each state/territory. This initiative relies on your contribution to add, remove and maintain the information held within these threads. Unfortunately the task is simply too great for one or two Community hosts to do alone, particularly with respect to those threads pertaining to states other than our own.

Contributing: New submissions:

If you wish to contribute to the directory by submitting a new listing, send an email containing the below information to your Community host/s. The host's contact details can be found by visiting their user profile. Your email should include as much information as possible.

Please send specific information in this format:

-Store Name
-Address (Street number, name, city, state, postcode)
-Contact Details (telephone, fax, email)
-Website (if applicable)
-A general overview of the store's stock/range of subjects is acceptable, although please try and keep it positive (no ranting about what the store doesn't have!)

Please do not include subjective information within your general overview, i.e. no comments on the staff, prices, store layout etc. No slander. Any such comments will not be published.

Once the host has received your email they will follow up with you if necessary before posting a new listing in the relevant state/territory topic.

Contributing: Updates (maintenance):

If you wish to update or correct a listing, please email the Community host as stated above noting the changes required. As before, upon receipt the host may follow up any queries with you before making the necessary change.

Here are each of the state/territory directories (stickied at the top of "The Bush Telegraph"):

-New South Wales directory
-Victorian directory
-Western Australian directory
-Queensland directory
-NT, SA, ACT and TAS directory

Special thanks goes to Rudi Richardson [Tarok] for suggesting this directory to me, and for his assistance in developing the site resource. I would also like to thank the following users who have contributed in the form of submissions and maintenance to date:

-Rudi Richardson [Tarok]
-Kym Knight [Rab]
-Phil [Phil_H]

Enjoy the resource,

Chas Young

Community Host
"The Bush Telegraph"
Australian Community Forum.
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