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Armor/AFV: Softskins
Softskins group discussions.
Hosted by Darren Baker
ESCI 1/35 Hummer M998 Anti Aircraft
United Kingdom
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Posted: Sunday, March 23, 2003 - 01:52 AM UTC
Hi there just won one of these on E-Bay. Has anyone ever built one and if so can anyone give me any tips of pointers on how good the kit is. Never done a wheeled softskin before and don't want to make a mess of it. I saw TV coverage of these deployed in Washington DC after 9/11but other than that have never seen one before.
Hope you can help me
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Posted: Sunday, March 23, 2003 - 02:31 AM UTC
The Esci Avenger is the least accurate of the ADA HMMWVs. Of course, the Italeri Avenger is12+ years newer. I am not an Avenger expert, but I do know a thing or two about HMMWVs. The Esci HMMWV has a hood (bonnet in English) that slopes too far downward. Gives the nose a look more like a VW Beetle than a true HMMWV.

As far as the ADA turret, I've got both the Esci kit and Italeri kit, the Italeri turret is more detailed and is different than the Esci turret. It is supposed to be more accurate than the old Esci one.

As far as your kit, build it and just do a good job. It is an easy build and the tires are better than the Italeri kit's. The color would most likely be NATO 3-color or overall desert sand.