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Luft '46 Colours Part 4: Naval Applications

Part 4 is based on a great idea of Rowanís (Merlin). Basically the theme is to show Naval Aircraft that might have been adopted for both shore based and carrier-borne operations. The starting point being; what if the Graph Zeppelin had been completed along with other carriers and what colour/camo schemes might have been applied to Luft 46 aircraft that would have taken off from their decks?.

Of course standard Naval schemes would have, at least initially, been applied. However applying Luft 46 logic and the RLMís tendency for change and experimentation, probably new and adjusted colours and schemes may have been adopted.

Also if the Kriegsmarine had been supplied with a few carriers, their areas of operation would have been diverse and therefore may have had a distinct influence on the colours/schemes of their aircraft. For example a camo colour scheme designed for the North Atlantic or the Baltic would probably not be as effective in the Med.

Therefore Iíve tried to come up with a variety of schemes with a Naval flavour, again taking into consideration the previously discussed supply problems of the late war years.

Most colours used in the diagram profiles use colours from mixing existing standard RLM shades.

The schemes use a number of variations of greens, blues and greys with RLM 21, RLM 22, RLM76 and RLM 84 as the main base colours for mixing.

Iíve introduced a single scheme per plate to give a more clear view, as the limitations of the standard site image allowance is not always ideal when two schemes per plate are shown. You live and learn...lol.
  • 2_ME_262T
  • 2_FW_PTL
  • 1_ME_262T
  • 1_HS_PJ600
  • 1_HE_P1078A
  • 1_FW_PTL
  • 1_FW_P250_T
  • 1_DO_P247T
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