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The Future Is Klear

Many modelers use Johnson's Klear, (Future in the US) as a clear coat on which to apply decals and as a barrier against washes. It is also used to add sparkle and to eliminate minor scratches on aircraft canopies and other clear parts. In this article I will explain how to dip clear parts and how I hand brush Klear.

Dipping clear parts in Klear

The first thing to do is to eliminate as many flaws and scratches as possible. I use the MicroMesh polishing system but plastic polish, such as Novus, may be sufficient. It might be the case that no polishing is necessary. Once all flaws are dealt with, to your satisfaction, the clear part needs to be thoroughly cleaned. To achieve this I simply drop the part into Tamiya 23ml jar, filled with Isopropyl alcohol, and agitate it. Take it out, using tweezers, (you don't want finger oils on it now) and place it on a tissue to dry. It doesn't take long but if the alcohol has pooled anywhere touch it with a tissue to soak it up. The alcohol will strip Klear so you mustn't leave any on.

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