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Model Shipwrights

IJN Escorts Away!

Crewmate Dade Bell shares a fine set of images with us of his dual escort vignette, IJN Escorts Away!

The story...
Here are the IJN Etorofu (in the lead) and IJN Kanju escort vessels. The Etorofu is in her late 1943 fit, while the Kanju is in her 1944 fit (the added AA and radar is a quick tip off). This scene is actually a bit of fiction- as far as I know, the Etorofu and Kanju never sailed together like this. But the opportunity to show two different types of fit in one scene was irresistible.

The models are based on the Skywave 1/700 Escort Type Etorofu (2 in 1) kit. I added some photo etch rails from Tom's Modelworks. The crew are from the Eduard IJN pre-colored PE set. The base is wood and the water is crumpled aluminum foil. Rigging is .003" line.

Finished in Tamiya paints and weathered with Bragdon Enterprises and Tamiya powders.
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