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Fokker D.VII Royal Class

The plants building the Fokker D.VII were the parent company of Fokker at Schwerin, also under license by OAW (East German Albatros Works) at Schneidemuhl and Albatros Works at Johannistahl. For the novice let me explain. Some of the readily visible hallmarks of these series are manifested in the different cowling panels, different applications of camouflage, cross type, size and position. The inevitable modifications that take place in each company’s production series, of a specific airframe type, are described in linear terms of “early”, “mid” or “late.” Usually matched with the inline Mercedes D.IIIaü 180hp or the D.IIIav 200hp engine. But it was the variant with the BMW IIIa 185 hp motor that pilots prized ultimately. With few idiosyncracies it was not temperamental and a novice with a little nerve could do well.

Contemporary construction using welded metal tubing for the fuselage and wooden wing skeletal structures were typical. The secret appeared to be in the wing design of the cantilever boxed spars that eliminated the need for multiple exposed rigging wires. It was to become Germany’s main production single seat fighter in 1918 and was built in large numbers. At the end of the war the allies wanted every example of the Fokker D.VII they could lay their hands on.
# 8131 Eduard 1/48 (original release)
Plastic - 2 sprues of 87 pc. Resin - 0 pcs. Metal (PE) - one set of 110 pcs. Decals - Jasta 13, 24s, 35b & 58. Instructions - 24 page, 38 step exploded view. Character - one complete model of mid or late OAW. MSRP - $39.95

# 8133 Eduard 1/48 (Dual Combo)
Plastic - 4 sprues of 186 pc. Resin 0 pcs. Metal (PE) -2 sets of 91 pcs. each. Decals - Jasta 2, 10, 11, 12. Instructions - 20 page 29 step exploded view. Character - two complete models in early or late Schwerin. MSRP - $44.95

# R0002 1/48 (Royal Class)
Plastic - 6 sprues of 279 pcs. Resin 0 pcs. Metal (PE) - 3 set of 91 pcs. each and one faux Blue Max. Decals - Jasta 2, 15, 19, 34b, 43, 46. Instructions - 40 page 29 step exploded view. Character - three complete models in early or late OAW / Schwerin & Albatros. MSRP - $99.99

Arguably the leader today in WWI aviation models Eduard presented their newest offering in 2005 in their Limited Edition series. In 2006 their 1/48 Fokker D.VII mold has been released in the “Dual Combo” and the Fokker D.VII “Royal line” with three kits was also a pleasant surprise. But it costs about 40.0 - 50.00 US dollars more for three complete kits compared to the “Combo Dual” kit. Included also in the Royal are markings for twelve profiles, a faux Blue Max and a resin refueling cart kit. I will refer to plastic parts as PP and photoetch as PE.
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