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Mini Series Pt. 1 - British WW2 Aircraft

A Change of Focus
Immediately after Chapter 12 of the Luft 46 Colours series was published on site, I started Chapter 13 but after completing profiles for a couple of aircraft, I felt I needed a rest from it. But as they say ďa change is as good as a restĒ, so I tried doing a profile of the Westland Whirlwind Mk1 just to see if I could produce an acceptable piece of work on a non-Luft 46 subject.

I enjoyed doing it so much I did another - which led to the idea of the Mini Series becoming a reality. I intend expanding the series, maybe slipping a set in between the Luft 46 series, for example. The Mini Series could cover many areas and types such as Early Jets, USA aircraft in RAF service, Korean War etc.

Doing actual aircraft has its very own pros and cons. There is usually a raft more reference material available, but believe it or not, it is not always the kind that is required for producing profiles.

This set focuses mainly on earlier marks of the illustrated aircraft; however, many references seem to favour later variants and sometimes finding a particular aircraft is not always as easy as might be expected. Unlike the Luft 46 stuff good references are essential as accuracy is far more important on profiles of real aircraft. On a Luft 46 subject much is an interpretation of pure conceptual design. Good references are still a great advantage, but not essential. The internet has a massive wealth of information, but when it comes to refs of actual aircraft it frequently proves to be sketchy or a summary at best. Real in-depth stuff seems to be more of a rarity unless you purchase the books of course.

Again I have to offer great thanks to Rowan (Merlin). His help has been really invaluable. His efforts have been tireless digging out references to help make this set possible.

Until next time.
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