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1. Vietnam UH-1H Medevac Diorama [ 49,537 ]
by: Gino Quintiliani
2. Snake Bite! - AH-1W Super Cobra [ 37,718 ]
by: Tommaso Porro
3. MH-60J Jayhawk Conversion [ 23,740 ]
by: Gino P. Quintiliani
4. MH-60G Pave Hawk [ 23,343 ]
by: Joe Szczygielski
5. WSMR SAR Huey [ 23,175 ]
by: Gino Quintiliani
6. HH-60G Pave Hawk [ 19,126 ]
by: Gino P. Quintiliani
7. MH-60S Knight Hawk [ 15,392 ]
by: Gino P. Quintiliani
8. A Pair Of Deuces [ 15,382 ]
by: Joe Szczygielski
9. Which Lynx is This? [ 14,324 ]
by: Darren Baker
10. XH-26 Jet Jeep [ 13,986 ]
by: Frederick Boucher
Piotr Dmitruk on many detailed photos presents the box content and his building process of the recent Attack Squadron release of a tiny MQ-8B Fire Scout helicopter in 1:72 scale. >> READ MORE

Luciano Satornetti presents a short walkaround of detailed shots of the Westland Lynx - perfectly timed to coincide with Airfix's new quarterscale kit. >> READ MORE

Luciano Satornetti shows off a Westland Sea King HAS.6 >> READ MORE

Doug Cohen (DougCohen) has sent us some photos of his nicely done Mil Mi-1 helicopter model. This is the 1:48 scale Special Hobby kit which was done in a superb camouflaged paint sheme. >> READ MORE


Sometimes, just when you think you've seen everything, a model like this comes along - Péter Lőrincz's incredible alternative-history WW1 helicopter gunship! >> READ MORE

Gino P. Quintiliani converts Academy's standard MH-60G kit into the USCG MH-60J Jayhawk, adding masses of extra detail along the way. >> READ MORE

Here's a timely reminder of one of the most dramatic aviation dioramas I've seen - Gino Quintiliani's Vietnam Medevac rescue. >> READ MORE

Gino Quintiliani models the Panda UH-1D/H in a spectacular White Sands Missile Range paint scheme. >> READ MORE


by: H.G. Barnes
H.G. Barnes builds the 1/72 Italeri VH-71 "Marine One" with Tamiya Lacquer Paints.   >> READ MORE

by: H.G. Barnes
Bell UH-1N twin Huey in NAS FALLON Rescue markings.   >> READ MORE

KA-58 Black Ghost Stealth Helicopter
by: Jason
Jason Bookie has shared a video with us that shows building of the Zvezda KA-58 Stealth Helicopter.   >> READ MORE

H-21 Flying Banana
by: Grant Berry
Grant Berry showed of a great looking build of the Italeri H-21 "Flying Banana" on Facebook and I knew I had to show some shots of the build.   >> READ MORE

FL 282 V-6 Kolibri
by: Kevin Brant
MiniArt has release a very interesting subject in the World War 2 German helicopter, the FL282 V-6 Kolibri, and here Kevin Brant provides a review and builds the kit.   >> READ MORE

AH-1S Cobra Attack Helicopter
by: Delbert
Delbert Davis provides some great pictures of the AH-1S Cobra from the Maps Air Museum in North Canton, Ohio.   >> READ MORE

Egyptian Chinook 'C'
by: Hussein El Kaissy
Hussein El Kaissy presents some images of the Italeri CH-47 converted to Egyptian service and a nice display diorama.   >> READ MORE

Westland Wessex HC2
by: Darren Baker
Darren Baker shares with us some images of the Westland Wessex HC2 on display at the RAF Museum at RAF Cosford.   >> READ MORE

Sikorsky MH-53M Pave Low IV
by: Darren Baker
Darren Baker shares with us some images of the Sikorsky MH-53M Pave Low IV on display at the RAF Museum at RAF Cosford.   >> READ MORE

Which Lynx is This?
by: Darren Baker
I thought the members on Aeroscale would like to see some images of the current Lynx in service with the Royal Navy. Along with this I also have some images of what I believe is going to be the latest Lynx to take to the skies. Both of these aircraft were   >> READ MORE