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In-Box Review
SW-4 Puszczyk - painting masks
Painting masks for PZL SW-4 Puszczyk
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by: Mecenas [ MECENAS ]

Amongst a wide variation of painting masks offered by Montex Masks we can find a one small set dedicated to the SW-4 helicopter.
“Puszczyk“, as the SW-4 is named, have a large and noticeable glazing of the cockpit and passenger section. There are many frames and bars painted in the general finishing colour of the whole machine. To make painting of these details a lot easier, especially when you use the airbrush, Montex have provided a set of painting masks for covering the “glass” parts.

Inside a zip sealed bag we can find:
  • one sheet for painting interior of the cockpit
  • one sheet for painting outside of the cockpit
  • single sheet of masking guide

These masks are precisely cut die-cut vinyl. There's no difficulty in separating them from the backing paper however it is advised to use some sharp blade or a needle. If you have not worked with vinyl masks yet visit the producer website for their very useful tutorials showing how to operate, place and pain particular types of markings, depending on their size, colours or complexity.
Painting the SW-4 glazing is a bit tricky. For the interior there's not much to say and do, just mask the glass and paint remaining surfaces. For the outside you will first have to browse at least few reference photos of the real helicopter to find out how it really looks. Painting and masking will have to be done in few steps: masking of the glass and painting, masking the frame and painting, masking of the rubber sealant and finally painting the camouflage colour. Company have provided necessary masks for particular step and detail. Masks for protecting frames or sealants are thinner than 1mm so you will have to place them carefully, to minimize any damage or change of their shape.
These will surely be a useful item if you only decide to build a SW-4 model which will save you a lot of time while painting the model.

Please remember, when contacting retailers or manufacturers, to mention that you saw their products highlighted here - on AEROSCALE.
Highs: Makes the job of masking the canopy and door much easier.
Lows: None for me.
Verdict: Highly recommended, you won;t be disappointed.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: SM48356
  PUBLISHED: Apr 01, 2013

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