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In-Box Review
Alexander the Great

by: Costas Rodopoulos [ MAJOR_GOOSE ]

Originally published on:
Historicus Forma

Introduction - some thoughts:

I assume, it’s a little different when modeling or reviewing anything, that has to do with your nation's history. Many modelers, are dedicated in making themes, only related strictly to their country and its history. Though I don’t belong to them, once in a while, I like to do some Greek related subjects, in figures or even in Dios.

When I saw this release, from Italy’s Pegaso Models, I was very happy for two reasons:
One, was that Alexander the Great is a special figure in History. The second, that the figure was in 75mm which is a satisfying size to do nice detailed painting. The only discouraging factor sometimes, with figures this nice, is that when you see amazing box art, like these from Pietro Balloni, or Diego Ruina, you know it will be difficult to approach their level of painting. But it is also a teaser to try! Recently I saw this figure painted by a young, talented Greek painter, and I persuaded myself to attempt it as well. So I got it.

I have not included any historical notes on the figure, since Pegasos leaflet is very good and i preferred to add a clear picture of it.

The Figure (what’s in the box)
Sculpted by Andrea Jula, and packed in Pegaso’s standard dark blue box, safely protected with two layers of foam sheet, I faced no less than 14 pieces; Body –feet – right hand and head as one piece, left hand, helmet, base, stone engraved sign, scabbard and sword, two feathers, helmet, neck protector, crest, 2 shoe laces, cloak.

Included are also a leaflet with good historical information, and a color guide for the figure parts. Apart from the box art pictures, there are no additional pictures of the painted figure inside the packaging. But as most of you would know, Pegaso has its figures photographed from all four sides in big nice pictures, on the company’s web site. So, I browsed and gathered them in a page, to show you what I mean. Using the pictures as a guide along with experience, and basic rules of figures painting, all Pegaso models can be painted with no problems and questions.

Pose - Casting Quality – Sculpting Detail
You want the overall picture in one word? AMAZING. All parts are sculpted so well that every detail is represented in great three dimensional relief, which I believe will help guide the brush and make them very painter friendly.

Alexander’s face has lots of character and also shows his young age. (King at twenty and dead at thirty-three). The style of his hair matches that of found portrait engravings, enough to be considered accurate. The whole pose of the figure is so lofty, and full of self-confidence, as Alexander is said to have been.
His tunic and Cuirass are very nicely represented and with the appropriate painting, will show super nice.

Regarding his equipment, the only historical disagreement which occurred from my research, is about the sword. Alexander in the Pegaso representation carries the “kopida” curved sword, that all Macedonian mounted soldiers did carry, as it was very useful to them for detaching enemies heads and other parts.
However, historical sources say that Alexander adored the straight, medium lengthed Ancient Greek sword which he always carried even though he was mounted. But, I think that this is something that doesn’t reduce a bit the whole picture of this accurate and so well sculpted miniature. The same mistake also appears in the Hollywood movie along with so many others!!!

The engraved plaque is also well made, and the horsehair crest is represented beautifully.
The piece for the base of the figure is relatively simple, with some soil and a pre sculpted fixing point for the stone plaque. The figure is so nice and strong that a more complex base would distract the eye from this and would be a pity. So this is one of the few cases I agree that a simple base is ok!!

Test Fitting
To be honest, after seeing all these heavy metal pieces, I had some anxiety to see them fitted, despite my knowledge of Pegaso’s pretty accurate fitting solutions. So I cut tiny bits of Blue tack and performed a fast fitting. All goes together nicely and without any pressure, so I will sleep more quiet now!
As a figure painter, I have to thank Pegaso for their simplification in the assembly, where they cast main body and even the head in one piece along with the feet and hands when possible. In big and heavy figures, like 75mm metals, this is a very good present for the modeler. People who paint them know that for sure!

I said it from the start in one word. This figure is amazing. I loved it from the first glance. I will have to move one step ahead in my skills to paint it as well as I imagine it to be.
Buy without any second thoughts. Have the delight to represent one of the greatest kings in Human history, and paint a unique high quality miniature.

Highly Recommended
An amazing metal figure in 75mm, from one of the world's leading brands in figurines. Alexander the Great will satisfy your love for Historical figures in quality and size. Sculpture by Andrea Jula.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 75mm
  Mfg. ID: 75-017
  Suggested Retail: 37.50 EUR
  Related Link: Pegaso Models
  PUBLISHED: May 12, 2005
  NATIONALITY: Greece / Ελλάδα

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